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Australian Politics

Pulp Mill for Tasmania – No Thanks

Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s supportive decision regarding Gunn’s pulp mill proposal now supported by Federal Labor, clearly demonstrates why politicans are held in such low esteem.

Fraught with environmental dangers and intolerable pollution levels his decision is inconsistent with Tasmania’s best hope of growing its economy by creating jobs through tourism promotion and development. Mr Turnbull had an opportunity to distinguish himself as a politician of rare courage and vision who might act in the national interest – and he failed.

If ever a Minister had an opportunity to make a name for himself in Australian politics, this was it – and he blew it! Now he will have to live with his own inconvenient truth and it will plague him for the rest of his political life.

A report with such limited terms of reference always meant that any information produced would deliver the outcome the original proponent desired. In which case the product of the report is meaningless and provides even more motivation for a tsunami of targeted opposition in the public arena until Gunn’s loan application is consigned to the bad idea dustbin by the Bank involved – The ANZ Bank. 

No thinking person would accept Mr Turnbull’s explanation that his decision was ” based solely on science – not politics”. Debate about the pulp mill has already polluted both major parties in Australian politics and that’s bad enough. Fortunately a pristine Tasmania still exists and represents a magnificent natural platform from which to build a sustainable economic future based on green tourism.

Construction of another filthy, polluting pulp mill which further adds to global warming, is the last thing Tassie needs! When I was at school, kids used to joke ” The best thing to do with Tassie – is to sell it!” What a great idea!  Let’s sell Tasmania’s natural attractions – to the World!



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  1. PS. This letter to Australia’s leading business magazine ‘The Bulletin’ won the ‘Letter of the Week’ prize of $400 of classic DVD’s covering a wide range of subjects. The battle in Tasmania goes on.

    Posted by john | March 12, 2008, 8:23 am
  2. I’ve never been to Tasmania, but I plan on getting there one day and when I do, I pray it will be as I’ve always imagined – and trust me, that image does not include a pulp mill!

    John, thank you for your voice on many important issues such as this.

    Posted by Heather | March 14, 2008, 2:10 pm
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