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When Less Is More / Simply Brazile – ient!

Clinton spokesman Ickes did try intimidation as a tactic, and finished up as the saying goes, “Whistling Dixie”. 

At one stage in the raised temperature of the DNC Rules & Bylaws committee meeting in Washington DC, superdelegate and committee member, Donna Brazile responded to remarks by the former Governor of Michigan, Jim Blanchard, a Clinton advocate, saying quote:

“My mama taught me to play by the rules and respect the rules …”When you decide to change the rules, especially, in the middle of the game, it’s called cheating.”

With those powerful words Donna Brazile stood tall. She sent a signal to every DNC member charged with the responsibility of making a fair decision on Florida and Michigan that if America was to have regard for the basic principles endowed by the country’s founding fathers, respect for and adherence to rules and laws was essential.  

She proved that an opponent in a debate cannot respond negatively and appear credible when someone throws bricks of principle and correct interpretation at their smudged window of opportunity, especially when the world is watching on television.

Checkmate, to Donna the Madonna of fair play.

However Clinton spokesman Ickes did try intimidation as a tactic, and finished up as the saying goes,”Whistling Dixie”. Anyone who respected the rules was never going to agree with his propositions as instructed by Hillary Clinton. Doing the right thing and respecting rules can sometimes hurt. It can cost friendships, maybe one’s chances of a promotion or perhaps something we were hoping to achieve, yet nothing is more important or genuinely empowering than personal integrity. Some people live their lives believing that the only rules that count, are the ones which suit their ambitions. Such attitudes usually deliver nothing but grief and resentment in the end.

When Hillary Clinton began this campaign she had incredible advantages not available to any of the other candidates in the primaries, whether Democrat or Republican. In the process she has managed to finish up virtually bankrupt of personal credibility and weighed down by a campaign which is bleeding financially. Women will inevitably come to see her as having let women down badly. Not because she has lost , but by the manner in which she has  conducted both herself and her campaign from its promising beginning to its likely bitter end.

On a more positive note however, Clinton’s attempt has opened women’s eyes to the reality that a fine woman candidate can and no doubt will become President. Perhaps in the not too distant future. The caveat being, that she is adjudged by voters as the best person to lead. Not simply because she is a woman. The gender, colour, race, ethnicity or religion of a candidate should never be the basis upon which a vote for elective office is cast.

And so as the end of this Primary contest draws nigh, those home truths courtesy of Donna Brazile will be remembered as a bucket of cold water common decency, the shock of which helped dilute manoeuvers by those who would bend, break or blatantly ignore the rules. Rules that they had agreed to in writing from the outset. And now the final battle can begin once the Superdelegates discharge their responsibilies. The sooner the better. 

From that moment on, with Barack Obama, everyone who demands positive change in America will be in for the ride of their life. The Obama rollercoaster is ready and people can hardly wait. If the nomination contest proved anything it said clearly that Obama is a decent man, a talented man and a man who will do much for his country and its people. The world awaits a new type of American President.  One who will lead wisely!

Welcome Florida and Michigan!    —-    Welcome all Democrat supporters!

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  1. Well said. Ditto!

    Posted by Mia | June 2, 2008, 11:28 pm
  2. Very nice piece. My sentiments completely. As a woman, you are right on. There will be a woman President someday, the right woman. As for now, the right person at the right time is Barack Obama.

    Posted by Mary Nicely | June 3, 2008, 1:52 am
  3. Donna you rock!!!!! I nearly fell off the couch!!! XOXOXO!!!

    Posted by mizonglohong | June 3, 2008, 6:48 am
  4. I thought your piece on Donna Brazile was insightful. I like the context you gave to Donna’s comment at the Rules meeting. I felt Donna’s choice of words and delivery style were powerful and appropriate at that moment. I found your perspective on Donna’s comment as a rather astute observation. I also liked the way you explained how Donna’s words represented a lesson in power politics at play. I did not fully appreciate Donna’s comments in that context until I read your essay. Thanks for your insight in this regard. I think I’ll have to be more alert. I may be somewhat oversaturated (with political TV).

    Posted by Mike | June 3, 2008, 12:42 pm
  5. Yet another great article, John, thank you! You captured the essential words of the gathering on Saturday!

    Posted by Johan | June 3, 2008, 11:29 pm
  6. Donna Brazile stated the facts
    and the truth about the rules. When
    you tell the truth, you win everytime. I like that Donna and I
    respect her honesty and fairness.
    I think that the DNC Committee on
    a whole did a great job in being
    fair and going strickly by the rules. Just think of where we would
    be without rules!!!!!!!


    Posted by Dorothy | June 5, 2008, 8:30 pm
  7. I appreciated Donna’s comments. No matter whom she may endorse, she is FAIR! I respect that. She always has something “quirky” to say, but is usually the truth. Here is another quote from her, Clinton’s supporters were the mashed potatoes and Obama’s supporters were the gravy; mashed potatoes don’t taste all that great with no gravy. Then she called Anderson Cooper her “Boo”.

    Posted by Gloworm | June 18, 2008, 8:08 am