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Elizabeth Warren Calls For Citigroup Breakup

In Senator Elizabeth Warren’s historic challenge to Members of Congress, she forensically and urgently revealed the facts when warning of the financial, political and constitutional consequences of the growing political power being exercised by monolithic Banks such as Citigroup.

In a second volley aimed at the level of US political and financial system corruption,, she has provided indisputable evidence exposing the questionable and dubious practice of appointing former Citigroup executives to head Federal Government financial and regulatory institutions.

This matter is of worldwide concern.  Opportunistic politicians everywhere including members of the US Congress, will act against their national interest if their re-election appears threatened. Self interest often determines the way most career politicians vote on a particular issue.

In sounding a bell weather warning to the American people, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) Massachusetts has acted in the national interest, echoing a ‘call to arms’ equal in import to that delivered in 1775 by her trusted predecessor – Paul Revere.


Elizabeth Warren’s Historic Senate Challenge Speech 8 mins


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