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VP Checked / Now for Checkmate!


A 2008 Obama-Biden campaign logo

Now the Campaign Begins

I can hear the sighs of relief from some of Barack’s long term followers and disciples. Even from some of Hillary’s supporters. However any Clinton fans who are still unhappy, need to consider the implications for their country should John McCain win the White House as a result of their failure to support the Democratic ticket.  Instead of helping Hillary Clinton they would in fact be condemning her to a life outside the Democratic Party. The life of a political pariah. It is time to be practical. Politics always involves compromise.

If the American people ever wanted or needed further proof or confirmation of the judgement skills of Barack Obama, it arrived impressively, on the twenty third day of August 2008, in Springfield Illinois. Perhaps within metres of where Abraham Lincoln stood. One thing we did learn during the campaign, is that whenever Obama is involved, substance is always supported with just the right balance of imagery. American voters have much to look forward to, as his policy decisions unfold and bear fruit with the same sense of surety as his campaign.

Standing on Historic Ground

Obama: Biden is 'the kind of fighter who I want by my side'And there they stood, their white shirt sleeves rolled, in the burning heat of a hot August afternoon. Barack Obama smiling, waving and welcoming. Joe Biden looking bright, natural and raring to go. His time had come. They looked the perfect match. The ideal combination. A younger deep thinking tactical wizard with a genuine liking and empathy for people and his partner, an experienced politician, a popular “say it like it is” American man of the people.  A duo, so different in so many ways, and yet so right for the country, the times and the people they wish to lead, as POTUS and VPOTUS in 2009.

 Joe’s Roles in Leadership

Joe Biden – Born November 20 – 1942 — Currently in his sixth term in the United States Senate *(incumbent since January 1973)* Biden has served for the sixth-longest period among current senators (fourth among Democrats) and is Delaware’s longest-serving senator. He is the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the 110th Congress. Biden has served in that position in the past, and he has also served as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. * — Note: Drawn and *edited* from Biden bio Wikipedia — NB. John McCain entered the US Senate in January 1987, 14 years after Senator Biden.

A Few Obama Team Possibles

With Senator Biden coming on board as the number two executive in a future Obama Administration the way is now clear for Senator Obama to utilise other possible members of a future Obama cabinet as ambassadors and spokesmen all the way to November 4.  He is fortunate in that he has a large number of talented people to choose from. Think of just a few. Governor Kathleen Sebelius ( An important domestic role), Bill Richardson (Secretary of State) General Wesley Clark the former Head of NATO (Secretary of Defense) Mr Obama would most likely have a place for Hillary Rodham Clinton, if she can demonstrate genuine  support for his candicacy.

A Man of Great Energy for Energy

Who knows, thinking outside the box, Barack may consider approaching Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hey! who would want to pick a fight with the Terminator? Hasta la Vista Baby! Arnie’s very smart, a forward thinking new energy leader and he’s good with people. He is not eligible to become President but he could become a great Secretary for Energy. With such a wealth of talent to consider from outside politics and across the aisle, Obama should be able to come up with a very capable team. In the remote possibility he’s does get stuck he can always email me – No one surely could give him worse advice than “mission accomplished” Bush, and his mimic John McCain have been dishing out wrongly to the American people for years.

With Joe Biden now number two in the ring for the Obama tag team, the VP’s debate at Washington University on October 2nd  should be fascinating. Bring it on. We can only ponder who McCain will pick for his running mate? – If it is any one of the failed Republican primary candidates, they will have a rough time, – coming to grips with the “Man from Delaware!”.

Obama/Biden— Now that is a Dream Team!



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