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USA Elections – A Dog’s Breakfast

Super Delegates! There is nothing super about this aspect of an extremely complex and undemocratic system!

This year more than 750 appointed officials will act as so called Super Delegates to vote at the 2007 Democratic Party National Convention in Denver.

These comprise Democrat National Committee representatives,Governors and a myriad of other elected officials. Think about it. Each of these DNC appointed delegates has the right to cast a vote for any candidate they choose, regardless of how their particular state voted in that delegate’s State Primary or Caucas. Should Barack Obama win any number of states, DNC Super Delegates from those States are not obliged to endorse him. What a joke!

In other words, in a close contest, the Super Delegates at a Convention could turn out to be the ones who decide the eventual winner of a Presidential primary race to elect a Party nominee to contest the general election for President in November every four years.

The whole system is extremely complex and the rules vary from state to state. However it is much more involved than the limited aspects I have explained. I see no reason to labour the point here to make a case for change. In the primary voting this year some people have been denied a vote until they could produce a driver’s licence; causing delays of up to two hours at some polling stations.

Voting machines have failed, and in New Mexico ballot boxes mysteriously found their way out of a polling centre into a private home before being eventually handed over to election authorities. The individual in possession of the missing material was not an Obama supporter. As I speak investigations are under way, and the State of New Mexico Primary is still not declared. A dog’s breakfast? Maybe that’s being unfair to the hound!



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