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The Victory Speech / President Elect Obama

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Presential Election Night — November 4th 2008

Following his landslide victory in the Presidential election of 2008, Senator Barack Hussein Obama delivered his victory speech before an excited crowd of more than 100,000 adoring supporters at Grant Park, Chicago Illinois. In a state of total rapture people from all walks of life, came together as one, in celebration of the historic decision made in the polling booths of America that day.

Never in the experience of Americans, particularly older African Americans, did they by their own admission ever imagine such a result was possible. At Grant Park and across America, tears of unadulterated joy flooded the cheeks of young and old, rich and poor,  and all manner of people who in their ethnic and racial diversity comprise the population of the United States.

As the euphoria grew, it triggered a joyful release of long pent up and very deep feelings. Their emotion was palpable, moving and beautiful to see. This was humanity at its finest.

Change came to America, on that momentous November night!

Go Obama / Biden & The American People

Yes you can


Obama Speech /Grant Park Chicago / November 4th 2008 – 17 mins

Photos of the Obama family and friends as the election results came in state by state. http://flickr.com/photos/barackobamadotcom/sets/72157608716313371/


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  1. In that speech, I see his humility before a great task. Just as he asked a lot of us to get here, he is going to ask us a lot to get there. To get to a place where we treat every human being as a valued member of one nation. To a place where everyone through a good education has a chance to better themselves and their posterity.

    John Hay! I put a shout out to you on current tv.


    Posted by Tricia | November 6, 2008, 2:27 pm
  2. Colossians 3: 1 – 17.

    Posted by James M Bosley | November 8, 2008, 12:51 am
  3. Just wanted to say that I am working at a large Pharmaceutical corporation in Clayton NC and I endroce Barack Obama with all my heart. I would love for all my friends and colleagues to say yes for Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA

    Posted by Diane Pearce Votes for Obama Again | March 26, 2011, 1:56 pm