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The Transparency of Sarah Palin

The mounting evidence relating to Sarah Palin’s future plans away from representative politics seems irrefutable.

Following the release of her book Going Rogue, An American Life, a $ 5 million publisher’s advance, and a highly publicised book signing safari across a number of  states, it’s now apparent that Sarah Palin may have “xeroxed” Rush Limbaugh’s radical media plan of ” how to grow a money tree via American media”.

A Role Model in Radical Radio

Since Limbaugh’s bombastic arrival on the national radio scene, riches of  $35 million a year now fill this shock jock’s obscene pay packet. And having observed the Limbaugh strategy Ms Palin appears to have discovered her path to the yellow, possibly golden brick road through involvement in the national media? Following the debacle of the McCain/Palin ticket last year, Palin’s first order of business was to organise her resignation from public office before the  scandal of  Troopergate could overtake her future plans. Her next move was to have her “blame it all on McCain book”, Going Rogue, written for her, about her, and of her Presidential campaign experiences in 2008. Why a book, and why now?

A Possible Answer

The book enables Sarah Palin to put out her story in her own words. It guarantees free high profile media publicity for her views and increases the book’s chances of  being a commercial success. The ongoing publicity will enable her to re -establish and re -energise her Republican support base as she attempts to remake and repair her damaged image, to again try to appear as a strong independent woman, as an average American mom, as someone who gets it, and as a self appointed spokesperson for American women. Not a bad product if she can sell it. But first she needs to see the book to sell well. For these reasons I believe that the ex Governor from Alaska has figured out where her future lies.

Hey Presto!

A starring role in national media is where her $$$$ fortune lies. If not Politics what else beckons?. Surely not in radio. Before entering the rough and tumble of politics, the former first citizen of Alaska was, among other things, a Television sports reporter.  And whatever else Sarah Palin might be – she’s not stupid.  She knows that television is a far better medium for a sensationalist media femme fatale to bewitch the masses and certainly all of the asses.  Remember her “winking ” antics in the so called Vice Presidential debate with Joe Biden?

She Has A Plan

We should dismiss media myths which Palin adroitly encourages by refusing to rule in or out, unconvincingly, about running in 2012. She’ll be on the 2012 election trail alright. She won’t contest the election –  she’ll comment on it  – before after and during the event.  For lots of cash – and as controversially and caustically as she can.  With such a potential ratings winner in prospect for media employers like Fox, it is easy to understand why Ms Palin’s next move could involve chasing a national TV spot of her own.  Rupert Murdoch will be first on her shopping list.

The Palin Platform

Imagine the opportunities a coast to coast television program would offer Palin as a platform to attack Barack Obama and the Democratic Party on hot topic issues such as healthcare, the environment, protection and conservation of America’s wildlife, energy policy, global warming, industry, trade and financial policy etc. The bigger the subject and her opponent, the bigger the audience, the higher the ratings.

A Ratings Winner

If Rush Limbaugh’s radio ratings are any guide, Sarah Palin could build extremely strong ratings as the new girl on the block in political television. Those who adore her would watch and those who deplore her would always be tempted to watch. A classic ploy from Russ Limbaugh’s radio playbook. However Limbaugh had better stick to radio. There won’t be room on the box for him if Sarah arrives and is successful. Gauging Sarah Palin’s future prospects in the American media? As Professor Henry Higgins declared of his cockney pupil Eliza Doolittle, in My Fair Lady — By George, I think she’s got it’.

The Realisation

While the self admitted university dropout Rush Limbaugh continues to make mountains of moolah sprouting his baseless and useless political opinions, and other inciteful thoughts bordering on racism – his GOP soul mate Sarah Palin,  the street smart dolly, appears to have decided that political representation and she must part company. She now knows that she ain’t exactly suited. She now sees that serious politics involves a lot of unglamorous work, lots of boring airplane travel, and it doesn’t pay much in comparison to many other fields of of high profile endeavour.  A revelation which may have also dawned on another failed Governor – Blagoyovich of Illinois.

Dressed to Kill and Thrill

The $ 150,000 of  haute couture John  McCain’s spruikers wrapped around Palin during the 2008 campaign was clearly meant to attract and convert redneck wolf whistles into votes and campaign dollars.  It worked. One can surmise that that this was the whole point of choosing Palin in the first place as the running mate for the septuagenarian presidential candidate McCain. How responsible was that? Regardless of the incredible media hype about  Palin at the time, John McCain didn’t help his cause, or Palin’s political hopes, when announcing on September 15, 2008 after the Investment Bank  Lehman Bros had collapsed,  “The fundamentals of the American economy are still strong”. Instantly Palin must have seen the writing on the wall. It was probably her epitaph in national politics.

The Beginning: Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Sarah Palin’s arrival last year on the national scene has clearly whetted her appetite for public attention and adoration. At present no longer as a politician it would seem. This explains Palin’s wasting of trees ( for the book) instead of Alaskan wolves and explains  her determination to remain upstream in the public goldfish bowl of political chat, to continue baiting and debating powerful elected people and their political propositions. In the meantime she will keep the American people and the media guessing about the possibility of her making a run for the White House in 2012. And while all of this is happening, a best selling book, whether you are the author or not, attracts high profile public speaking opportunities and useful ongoing royalties.

Its All About Ratings

Under normal circumstances, in view of her presidential campaign performance and failure in elected public office, someone like Palin could be dismissed as an intellectual lightweight and ignored as a self promoting, carpetbagger. However, the reality is that she has become a darling of  sections of the US media, especially those with a Republican bias.  In the world of Television, a high profile woman who looks good in high heels, is endowed with reasonably good looks, who hunts and shoots moose and kills wolves from a helicopter, who has a smart mouth and experience in both politics and television, must qualify as offering real TV ratings potential.  Ability is not that important. Audience appeal trumps real knowledge every time in the ratings game. TV executives know that. If and when Palin reaches for the brass ring in political comment, her own nationwide program, the people on the top floor of TV broadcasting may well respond in the fashion of a Henry Higgins. “By George she’s got it. I think she’s got it”.

In The Meantime

In the meantime, Sarah Palin’s public search for fame, fortune, and her version of the true meaning of life in America rolls on. On the other hand she may simply be on the road to nowhere, and finish up at her Alaskan bridge, which is said to lead to the very  same place.

Meanwhile Alaska’s wolves will howl with relief  if Sarah chooses the big money trail.  Safer in the knowledge that their hides will bring less bounty.

Only in America!



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  1. Li’l Sarah’s book is largely a fairytale, and her winky, wide-eyed chatter find familiarity in the “oh me” laments of Baby Bear and Dorothy’s “Lions and tigers and Bears! Oh my.”

    She’s as entertaining as the carefully contrived photos & headlines on the National Enquirer smear sheet fronts, and just as artfully arranged, so the empty-minded impulse buyers in the checkout line can be snookered into buying one.

    Hopefully, after they’ve read a few pages they’ll realize they’ve been suckered and use it to line their trash can.

    Posted by Bobbie M. | November 23, 2009, 7:08 am
  2. You’ve outlined some good points but I personally believe it’s too early to tell whether she’ll end up talking the talk or walking the walk. Sarah strikes me as a person who will go wherever the limelight goes. She can’t stand to be in its shadow.

    Posted by Durgha | November 23, 2009, 2:23 pm