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The Texas Gambler!

Obama has demonstrated by temperament and sound judgement, he knows when to hold ’em


The Kenny Rogers country and western classic ” The Gambler”, reflects the rationale behind Barack Obama’s brilliant campaign for the White House. Launching his bid for the Presidency in Springfield, Illinois, in February 2007, he readily admitted he was gambling that the American people were ready for change.  The results to date, speaks volumes.

When you see the massive rally crowds and poll numbers, you have to agree, he has won that hand.  When Bill Clinton described his win in Iowa as a “fairytale” and yet 36 states later he  continues to lead the delegates won count and in states won by a margin of 25 to 11, you could say he has won that hand. 

With Texas, and Ohio, the delegate rich states, plus Vermont and Rhode Island all voting on March 4, political pundits are now saying Obama  is holding all the cards.  By temperament and sound  judgement, Obama knows when to hold ’em.  With his campaign showing no signs of flagging —  he has no need to fold ’em.


In stark contrast, Hillary Clinton’s campaign bogged down with money woes, staff resignations and the problem of having to control her recalcitrant husband, has often been forced to show her cards defensively, throughout all of her angst.  If the Texas and Ohio polls are close, the fold card for the former First Lady, becomes a serious option.  Played well it could be of great benefit to herself in the future and of immense value to her Party right now. 

In which case Senator “Cool Hand Luke” Obama,  gentleman gambler that he is, need not claim the last hand.  Most likely, he would simply settle for the nomination.  

A cool President.  Now that would be a change!


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