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The State of the Union Address 2015

Telling Thoughts Comment

By any comparison no current US politician could hold a candle to Barack Obama when assessing values, vision, political pragmatism or his exemplary leadership qualities. This President’s 2015 SOTU address is timely and will be appreciated for its positive and factual summary of America’s progress to date and its wide ranging vision and prospects for the future.

The substance of  the address will enhance the President’s political legacy. In it he reaffirmed his total dedication to serve the American people and their interests and flashing a big smile, he then reminded everyone, ‘I am still, ‘Fired Up’.

The speech summarised the President’s nation rebuilding efforts and international achievements since taking office amid some of the most dangerous and financially challenging years in American history. However the primary domestic objective of the address, appears to have the Democrats embrace it as a blueprint for the 2016 presidential campaign.

Well done Barack!



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