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The Real Hillary Clinton / A Reminder

Telling Thoughts

This CBS video report is indisputable filmed evidence of Hillary Clinton’s failed attempt to fraudulently deceive America and the rest of the World during her bankrupt and subsequently debt ridden 2008 campaign against Senator Barack Obama, in an attempt to win the Democratic Party nomination for the Presidency.

The first qualification for leadership requires credibility. Trust emanates from that quality. As with respect, trust also has to be earned. It cannot simply be demanded if a leader is to gain and retain support. Without trust, nothing of value in a relationship survives or succeeds.

This CBS item is only one example of media coverage of Ms Clinton being prepared to saying anything to achieve her goals (she regularly refers to these as “misspokes” when her credibility is challenged). The false Clinton ‘Sniper Fire’ claim in Bosnia, shown here was covered by Associated Press and media outlets throughout the World. There a many more examples on this theme.

I believe that such a person is not fit to be President. And Barack Obama deserves to have a successor worthy of his legacy. A Democrat who is capable of continuing policy initiatives which benefit all Americans and the World at large.

Perhaps the Democratic Party Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is just that person. As you will see, it is reported that he has the support of Senator Elizabeth Warren and her “Ready for Warren”supporters even though she is not a candidate for 2016.

Of course, what happens in the White House is also the World’s business.

NB:What really happened compared to Ms Clinton’s claims.

.. CBS video 2 mins 57,


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