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The People have Spoken

Hillary and Bill Clinton need to appreciate that their game of bully boy and bluff is up.

Clinton and Obama signed

In August 2007, having entered the contest for the Democratic Party nomination, Hillary Clinton signed a document agreeing to abide by the rules relating to the Party’s decision concerning Michigan and Florida. As did Senator Barack Obama. There were no clauses in the document saying that if one of the party’s appeared to be losing they were entitled to argue for a change in the rules. 

Yet this is precisely what the Clintons have continued to demand following Obama’s run of successes after Super Tuesday on February 5th.  Here is a newsflash. It is not going to happen. Yes, there will be some accomodation in relation to delegates, but that will have more to do with ensuring transparency and fairness and bringing both states back into the fold in the right frame of mind to hit top gear for the general election. Fingers crossed.

The game is up 

Hillary and Bill Clinton need to appreciate that their game of bully boy and bluff is up. It was a good try, but the time to choose the Party nominee has run out. As has any excuses for the Superdelegates to further delay announcing their judgement.  Hillary Clinton’s nomination goose is cooked – whether she accepts it or not, is her problem – Senator Obama has much bigger fish to fry and in everybody’s interests he needs to be allowed to get on with the job.  At present the Clintons are causing the Party and undecided voters more problems than John McCain.  Hardly the ideal way to engender support for anything Hillary might have in mind as a reward for coming second when that matter arises. Ambassador to Columbia perhaps.

Unacceptable behaviour

Most people have had enough of her lying, the tantrums, her paranoia, her difficulty in dealing with reality and her general behaviour overall.  This is not what the America and the rest of the world expects or needs from the next incumbent  in the Oval Office. A Hillary tantrum as demonstrated during the campaign or shedding crocodile tears would not likely impress Russia’s tough men Putin and Medvedev, or Iran’s Amahdinejad and certainly not the women hating Taliban in Afghanistan. A President behaving in such a manner? Unimaginable isn’t it? Such a scene would set the legitimate claims of women to be President back, generations.

A few questions for Hillary Clinton…

Mrs Clinton did you ever stop to consider the possibility that you were being set up to be a puppet President by your greedy, power mad, narcissistic, womanising husband. Do you realise what harm this would do to the United States. Have you forgotten that this is the man who trashed your marriage while in office and brought disgrace to the highest office in the land. Are you aware that he has been involved in secret deals with foreigners resulting in him acquiring incredible personal wealth since 2000. Do you realise and accept –  everything has a price, and what this could mean to your country and your Presidency.

Questions remain

What have the Saudis and the President of Kazakstan and un -named others been offered by Bill Clinton should you be elected to the Presidency?  Have you ever been party to any of these conversations and dealings? Mrs Clinton, the idea that you could be President while your husband cavorts around the world doing deals to enrich yourselves would be seen as amounting to treason. This time it would be you who would be impeached. Another Clinton first. Do you understand now why you could never be President.

Frivolous suggestions

Perhaps you should start thinking about doing something well away from politics – It appears your days of wine and roses are done and gone, and your fairweather friends you can be sure – wont linger long!

PS. Why not spring clean your entire house while your are at it. First tell Bill the truth about himself. Second show him the door. Then thirdly kick his backside as he leaves.

PPS. Do it when the neighbours are watching – they will be impressed. As we would be, if then you finally admitted your own sins on CNN.  Some things are just too much to wish for aren’t they? 

Back to reality.

One benefit arising from the long drawn out Democrat nominee campaign is that it has exposed some aspects of the real Hillary Clinton. Not the self assured ex First Lady who sat comfortably amidst the plush lounge setting last year announcing, more like lecturing the world that she was “starting a conversation with America”. How presumptive was that? How arrogant?  Had the Primaries finished earlier, Hillary Clinton’s behaviour under constant pressure may have remained reasonably hidden from the voters.

But now the Clinton “comeback” cat is well and truly out of the proverbial bag, the Clinton days of banishment can begin. And good riddance. In that sense, Barack Obama will have already done his countrymen a great service. Change cannot occur in America while people who act like carpetbaggers or worse remain in politics.

The way forward

The Obama candicacy offers the American people an opportunity to right America’s ship, to chart a new course, and to set sail for a future which people will want to be part of, and be prepared to work for. It all begins with the right kind of leader. A man who leads by example.


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  1. It is time and yes, the people have spoken. The Clinton era has ended, and eventually the people of the U.S. will be able to work together.

    Barack Obama as President, will help to instill the values that are currently lacking in government, and he will include the citizens–we the people–so that we can live in a true democracy.

    Posted by Clancy | May 31, 2008, 2:05 am
  2. I agree. As an ex- long time Clinton supporter my eyes have seen the light and I can assure you that I will never take a sip of the Clinton kool-aid again.

    Posted by K.Jones | June 1, 2008, 2:25 pm