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The Obama Presidency & Amazing Grace

Telling Thoughts

While President elect Barack Obama in the transition, decides on the people and the priorities to begin rebuilding and reshaping America domestically and at large, the rest of the world needs to reflect on what a massive task confronts the 44th President in advance of and following his inauguration on January 20th 2009.

At this point in time however, it is appropriate to give thanks that a man of such calibre has been elected to lead the United States through what is an extremely troubling time in US domestic and world affairs. Especially at a time when inspiring and practical leadership is necessary to give people hope for the future, plus evidence and assurance that America’s ship of state is in safe, wise and caring hands. 

Is Barack Obama wise? Yes he is. Is he at the same time, intelligent, steady and reassuring? Yes he is. Does he have the power of good judgement? Yes he does. Can he perform miracles? No he can’t. Can he change things for the better? With the support of the American people -Yes he Can.

Please join me in offering thanks on behalf of citizens of the the world at large, for the election of President elect Barack Obama. Yes we can.

Go Obama / Yes you can


Our Tribute, Amazing Grace & Bagpipes  3 min 45


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  1. Very touching and inspirational. I am ready to begin my part in transforming this nation. I choose to focus my efforts on K-12 public education reform.

    Andrew Regnery
    Educational Innovators

    Posted by Andrew Regnery | November 12, 2008, 4:05 am