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The November Man

McCain suffers the same type of egotistical militaristic delusion which put paid to the Presidential dreams of General Macarthur

The General Understands 

General Wesley Clark the former NATO commander was dead right when he said that John McCain’s experience as a POW  and Navy pilot could not be considered as a qualification for the Office of President of the United States.

Others would Agree

No doubt former Republican President Dwight D Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe during the second world war would have agreed with General Clark. Perhaps this explains why his highly respected granddaughter, a republican and loyal American Suzan Eisenhower, is now supporting Senator Barack Obama. What import can be given to support McCain’s claims, when even the Supreme Allied Commander in the Pacific during the second world war, General Douglas Macarthur, the man who oversaw the defeat of Japan and supervised its post war reconstruction, was not deemed as an acceptable candidate to contest the Presidency?


Undeterred, Senator John McCain continues to maintain that his experience of being a prisoner in Vietnam and his time in the US Senate qualifies him for the office of President and Commander in chief. McCain suffers the same type of egotistical militaristic delusion which put paid to the Presidential dreams of General Macarthur. A man with an impressive record of military leadership and achievement, but one who also lacked important Presidential skills.  
Early release risk

Where is the evidence to support John McCain’s claims? Academically, he placed 895th out of his Navy graduating class of 900 at Annapolis. Did he stand out in the Navy? He certainly did. According to one biography he managed to crash 5 different aircraft during his time in the Navy. A very expensive pilot indeed. After being captured in Vietnam, he declined the North Vietnamese propaganda offers of early repatriation to the US once they learned of his father’s high US Navy Rank. In reality, early release was never an option for McCain. Acceptance would have exposed him as benefiting directly from his paternal connection at the expense of other American POW’s being released in the order military protocol laid down at the time.

In a matter that serious, McCain would never have lived that down. His career in the Navy would have been finished. Even his father couldn’t have helped him then. On arrival home McCain was decorated, later promoted and given what was regarded as the cocktail party circuit job of Naval liason officer to the US Senate. That is not a qualification for President either.

Out of his depth

John McCain’s record indicates he was a loner and a maverick and in no way  regarded as a leader of men. Everyone knew he was the son of an Admiral who remarkably in turn was also the son of an Admiral. Unfortunately for John McCain, it appears the family ability gene pool was monopolised by earlier generations. 

Perhaps he figured that if someone like Geo W Bush could hold down the POTUS job for eight years, then he would certainly qualify for at least four. After having suffered two terms of President Bush and now facing the prospect of a 72 year old John McCain as his Republican replacement, America simply cannot afford to get it politically wrong a third time.

Profile of a President

The most important thing is to elect the right type of person to America’s highest office. A person with acknowledged commonsense and intelligence. A person of vision who  would lead by example, but not allow popular demand to dictate policy priorities. A person who can bring people together.

A person who by temperament and demeanour demonstrates they are capable of acting calmly, decisively and with clarity under pressure. A person who in their public and private life has exampled sound judgement. A person who has the ability to set and achieve goals. A person who understands, values and respects the the American Constitution. A person who people can trust, and one who has demonstrated that they care about people. A person who is physically and emotionally up to the task and at the peak of their mental powers. The role of President demands no less.

The next President

People need to accept that their President is not always going to do or say things they agree with based on the information they have. Trust, communication and transparency is paramount. Nor will the next President solve all of America’s problems during his time in office. What people are entitled to see is a new direction domestically and internationally covering a wide range of issues to lay down a solid foundation for the future. To see America is on the move again.

The first Priority

The first priority of any candidate is to be elected.  If Barack Obama wants to overcome the immense amount of American media bias and spin he will need to attract votes from Independents, former Hillary supporters and disillusioned Republicans. He will need to expose Senator McCain’s intellectual and policy weaknesses by challenging him to debate a number of key issues during 3 nationally televised debates in September. Topics should  be allocated to each debate with an impartial Presidential debate moderator such as Jim Lehrer of the PBS News Hour appointed to put questions on behalf of each candidate and members of the public.

The November Man

On November 4th the travelling wordfest will come to an end. Until then millions words will be written, miles flown, advertising dollars spent and arguments won and lost about the likely outcome. This time the whole world is watching. It is a unique time and the issues confronting mankind are significant. Global warming, the world energy crisis, adjustment to the rise of the European economic community, India and China, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, petty dictators and the fight to combat global terrorism, to mention but a few. This time the world needs a very special American President supported by a committed, progressive and energetic Congress.

America’s domestic issues will be equally challenging and the new President will need the ability to select superb people to begin the process of preparing the USA for the 21st century. A President who can stop the rot and begin to turn the tide. A President who can inspire and lead.  A President – perhaps named Obama.  America’s November Man.



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