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The Message from Day One

Just a few thoughts about the first day in Denver. It was very pleasant, but as a campaign advance it failed badly. Too much going over old ground. No sharp message about the Republicans and the damage they have done to America. There was no attack strategy driving the program. No attempt to land powerful blows right from the start and keep it up. To attack McCain from every angle everyday.Senator Claire McCaskill did make a good beginning, but wasn’t given enough of an opportunity to rip into the Republicans ( apparently all addresses were pre -approved by HQ)  McCain is Barack’s  opponent, they need focus on him.

The Democrat message is far too sweet. People who vote, want to know what’s in it for them to vote Democrat. They want to know how the Democrats will to fix the problems of ordinary citizens. People won’t change just because you are neat or nice. Different people want different things. One thing everyone wants is personal security, services such as employment, health care, security against terrorism and law and order. Including matters related to financial security, income, taxation and social security.

They want to hear someone make the case during the convention. This is where we were –  This is where we are – This is the McCain plan and these are the costs – This is the Obama plan, this is what’s in it for you and the country.

I am sure Bill Clinton will revel in the limelight on Wednesday. He could do the campaign a big favour if he rips into John McCain with no holds barred. Maybe Barack has this role planned for him. Barack wants to win, he doesn’t mind sharing credit. On Thursday Barack Obama will have to deal with specifics and show people what he will do for them and the country. He must layout in strong words what America will look like under McCain, domestically and internationally.

This is Barack’s big chance before the debates. He must get McCain on the ropes on Thursday when he speaks to the world from Invesco field. An uninterrupted message, to put America back to work and start fixing the problems. A clear, tough serious message. A different Barack – A gloves off Barack – A Commander in Chief speaking, Barack.

PS. I thought Michelle’s delivery was excellent, but again the Obama strategists missed a brilliant opportunity to present Michelle as the new ambassador and champion for women’s causes in America. This should have been the centrepiece of her delivery.

Go Obama Yes we can





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