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The High Road Vs the Low Road

The real question on May 6th, is will the voters of North Carolina and Indiana consider the needs of their country, their state and their fellow citizens, or will they fall for the political bribe of a measly fist full of dollars involved in the short term gas tax deal offered by Hillary Clinton. A proposal so flawed it was rejected by no less an authortity than the American Road & Transportation Builders Association and 150 Economists in a signed letter.


John McCain and Hillary Clinton have suggested suspending Federal Taxes on all Gasoline/Diesel sold between Memorial Day (5/26) and Labor Day (9/1) this year. According to this study by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, this “Gas Tax Holiday” will lower tax revenue for infrastructure by roughly $9 billion and potentially cost 300,000 highway construction jobs.

The highway trust fund that the gas tax finances provides money to states and local governments to pay for road and bridge construction, repair and maintenance. 300,000 American Jobs Lost. $9 Billion in Federal Highway Funds.

Estimated lost jobs and revenue

North Carolina: 7,071 Jobs and $203,319,748 in federal highway funds

Indiana: 6,390 Jobs and $183,722,596 in federal highway funds150 economists sign letter opposing the gas tax holiday.

End of quote: 

Go to http://www.jabberwonk.com/flinker.cfm?cliid=13lkzo to calculate your savings with McCain’s and Hillary’s Gas Tax Holiday

Obama gas tax advertisement 30 secs

No doubt some individuals will grab whatever they can from a Clinton grab bag designed to lure votes, but not in anyway to solve real problems. The Clinton’s know no other way. These are the type of people who would have been first into the lifeboats on the Titanic regardless of women or children. 

Clinton says she is tough. What a scream, she should be on Broadway, and what with that pathetic little Annie Oakley act in PA about her early days and guns, she obviously sees acting as paying off. If she’s right and enough people are that gullible, then God help the United States of America at this critical time, if she has cost them Barack Obama.

Hillary and Bill Clinton keeping telling us that she is very tough. Let’s examine that claim. If Clinton is so tough why was she looking for a shoulder to cry on when she lost Iowa. Is that how she would behave in a missile crisis? I don’t believe she was acting then, but she was being devious in looking for sympathy to buy New Hampshire women’s votes. Imagine the President of the United States behaving like that. Unbelievable!

Someone should remind her that tough people wouldn’t resort to lying about what really happened or more correctly, what didn’t happen in Bosnia concerning her claims of having to dodge sniper fire. She still hasn’t apologised to the American people for making those false claims.  Hillary Clinton is so used to not telling the truth, she easily and conveniently dismisses her lying as misspeaking! I wonder what a normal household would say to that. Is that what America wants coming out of the Oval Office!

Also Clinton has the most unpleasant habit of trying to mislead voters by claiming credit for the achievements of others. A nasty trait which usually develops quite early in life.   One can only wonder how much of Hillary Clinton is actually real as a result. One further example of her deceit, refuted by no less than an Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner, was her claim to have assisted with the peace settlement in Northern Ireland. Shame on you HRC. 

It most certainly is not an example of being tough when you are accused of abusing White House personnel with the foulest of language and treatment, when America’s First Lady.  It’s also not the sign of a tough person, when you dismiss your opponent’s wins and insult the voters by saying small states don’t count when you lose. Again it’s not tough to try to change the rules and move the goal posts as the score in the contest mounts against you.

Even more seriously, it’s neither intelligent nor exercising sound judgement to threaten other countries with nuclear obliteration simply to try to appear tough to win votes. It’s again not tough nor smart to ignore the fact that the majority of Americans according to consistent polls say they don’t trust you. It is not tough to pretend to be, that which you are obviously not. 

Mrs Clinton you are not tough, however I will grant you – you are extremely rough – and there is a world of difference. After your husband’s shenanigans in Office and near impeachment, followed by eight years of the disaster of the  Bush Presidency, and the well known fact that voters by a large majority do not trust you, America’s next President will need to be someone, in whom people can have faith.

A President they can trust. Someone who will lead by example and at all times exercise sound judgement, and someone who can win their respect. A President who is also a man of the times, who is bright, worldly, interested in people and not seeking power for power’s sake. Someone who is willing to engage with America’s enemies to find accomodation, to settle differences, rather than all too ready to beat the drums of war in lieu of diplomacy. A la you and John McCain.

Mrs Clinton none of these attributes have been a feature of your political tenure or your candidcacy.  If America gets it right this time, it will have it’s 44th President in Barack Obama.  Then all of the world can say ” God bless America “.


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  1. AMEN, Brother John!

    Posted by John W in NC | May 5, 2008, 11:27 pm
  2. Thank you!

    I appreciate your honesty and directness.

    Keep up the good work.

    Posted by Rev. Christine Glover | May 5, 2008, 11:45 pm
  3. Hi John, thanks for the insightful new post; you never disappoint, my friend.

    Posted by Athena | May 6, 2008, 9:29 am
  4. I hope alot of people read this, because it really rings true, all the way around. VOTE OBAMA IN & NC TUESDAY!

    Thank you John, well and thoughtfully written, as usual. Here’s to another Tuesday and may this one be a great one for us.

    Posted by Ritz | May 6, 2008, 12:35 pm
  5. This is good. I wish a million people in North Carolina and Indiana could have seen it a month ago! This is preaching to the “choir” for us in Barack’s campaign but “fortifies” us. Thank you. Yes We Can!

    Posted by Charles | May 7, 2008, 2:08 am
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