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US Politics

The Carpetbagger Candidate!

The surest way to win the general election is to nominate the man who can unite the country across all groups and even across party lines.

The Democratic Party system

State primaries and caucuses on behalf of America’s Democratic Party are designed by individual states to give ‘the people’ via their state delegates the opportunity to nominate a candidate to represent the Party in a general election for the office of the President of the United States of America. Yet by any analysis the whole outmoded electoral process remains horribly flawed, and is entirely inappropriate in this the 21st century. The final insult to voters is the special role of the 796 Super delegates in the Democratic party. This must change.

A Democratic Nightmare

The surest way for the Democrats to lose the general election is to nominate Hillary Clinton. She is a candidate who divides the Democrats and unites and empowers the Republicans. She would singlehandedly be responsible for the shift of many Independent voters to the Republican fold, together with a massive swathe of Obama Democrats and disillusioned Republicans. Republican John McCain would take the White House with a considerable majority, and the Democratic Party would take decades to recover.

A New America with the Democrats

The surest way to win the general election is to nominate the man who can unite the country across all groups and even across party lines. A man who the major national polls predict would beat the Republican candidate John McCain. Barack Obama doesn’t need special favours, but he does need to be able to devote all of his time to that cause without having to put up with the selfish, inaccurate and pointless sniping from Hillary Clinton and her carpetbaggers.

Obama’s first hurdle

Quote: Mahatma Ghandi
First they ignore you -Then they laugh at you –Then they ridicule you -Then you win.

The Clinton strategy:
First try to impress with power – Then try to sell experience – Then try scare tactics -Then viciously attack – Then you win.

The new Obama strategy:
First you announce – Then more people come -Then the opponent attacks – Then you sieze the agenda -Then you win.


In my article ‘Clintonism: Politics without Principle‘, I suggested that the Clintons will do or say anything to win the Democratic party nomination. It is unquestionable, and it is happening. The Clintons are in this for their own ambitions. Obama has to take the fight to Clinton and begin a detailed demoliton of her claim that she could solve America’s problems because of her mythical 35 years experience?. If not, he will lose. If he loses, so will the United States. together with the rest of the world. You always have to fight to win. Ask any of history’s great winners. Start with Mandela!

What experience?
Which examples can Hillary Clinton demonstrate to justify her claimed leadership skills, wisdom and sage judgement? Her decision to support the war in Iraq? A war she voted for without first studying the National security intelligence reports? She admitted this later as a pathetic excuse for supporting the war. Unbelievable.

So much for her claim of being qualified to safeguard the American people and the country’s interests. This should open the way for a well targeted Obama ad in response to the Clinton red phone 3am call at the White House nonsense. Clinton as commander in chief? Osama bin laden would be delighted.

What experience?
Is she referring to her former 6 year board position at Wal -Mart? A company which buys 90% of its product from China’s sweat shops. A company which prefers not to deal with America’s Trade unions. A company which has cost millions of American manufacturing jobs because of its preference for Chinese produced, inferior products.

See CBS Report -Hillary Clinton at Wal-Mart video. [9 mins]

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  1. Great and telling article and video! This info should be a major focus in the mainstream media.

    I suppose it shouldn’t be a huge shock to us how against unions Hillary Clinton has always been.

    She is simply an opportunist who goes along with whomever will promote her. Witness how she is trying now to get in good with the military, all of a sudden holding a big press conference.

    I consider Hillary to be the anti-feminist of our time. If she were to become our President, she would set the woman’s movement back at least 100 years.

    Thank you for the great article John, and all you do for our Obama family and campaign.

    Posted by Ritz | March 9, 2008, 3:01 am
  2. This is a perfect example of Hillary saying and doing anything to win. NAFTA.

    Posted by epeaches96 | March 27, 2008, 11:37 am