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Some Silly Sentences / Seven Days Out

Seven Days Out

A blank page has been waiting impatiently, for the last 24 hours. For yours truly, when writing, that equates to roughly 10 cups of tea. Black, of course, jiggled to save time, and definitely not stirred. Apologies to James Bond and his strict martini rules.

An Australian for Barack

As an Australian citizen from the”Land Down Under”, I should inform you that there are more than twenty million of us only thirteen hours flying time from LA. We are resident in six States and two territories. Of course, I am not counting the Crocodiles, Kangaroos, White Cockatoos, Black Crows and our very cuddly, Koala Bears. It is a pity that these Aussies are not the least bit interested in politics. Take my word, if they were, they’d vote for Barack. They’re not nuts – though I believe some of them eat ’em. 

It All began in Iowa with Yes We Can

It is mind boggling to think back and recall how it all began with Iowa and how long this journey has been. I have tried to imagine how Barack feels, including all of you who have organised,volunteered, donated, and dedicated yourselves to the cause. Everyone who has been involved in this campaign should feel very proud. It has been an amazing effort and an historic contest. Now in only seven days, the fruits of your labour will be known. This final drive could make all the difference.

The Agony and the Ecstacy

Like many other supporters observing from afar, I too, have battled to avoid being lost in the whirlpool of the Primaries, Debates, Arguments, Scandals,Volunteering Efforts, Campaign Progress, Media Releases,Television and Radio Coverage, Annoying Commentary, Articles, Complaints, Frustration, Fund Raising, Innovation, Belief,Trust, Loyalty, Scares, Sackings,Treachery, Meanness, Egos, Rumours, Smears, Snide Remarks, Defamatory Remarks, Illegal Acts, Complaints, Legal Challenges, Affairs, Denials, Racist Acts and Accusations, Worry, Happiness, Depression, Euphoria, Excuses, Unfairness, Pure Joy, Exhilaration, Celebrations, Amazement and Success of this never ending campaign to choose two party nominees and then elect a President.

My Great Privilege

Writing articles in support of Barack and the campaign since the first day of February, to try to maintain perspective and provide a little encouragement along the way has been a privilege for an amateur like myself. Everything I wrote in my profile of Barack titled “The Power of One” on the 16th of February has been vindicated by the man himself and by the way he has conducted his campaign. He is indeed a gifted leader.The prospect of an Obama Presidency bodes well for the American people and the world will be a better and safer place as a result.

Changing the Subject

How about our Aussie crocodiles? They’ve been around for a hundred million years. Take Sarah Palin. The Alaskan governor who claims she can see Russia from her wolf skinning shed. Thanks Sarah, it’s really helpful to know that, especially with 2 wars raging and the world economy going down the plughole. I’m sure Aussie crocs wouldn’t be interested in Sarah Palin or her attitude to animals. It’s not that they are anti-social. Not at all. It’s just that for dinner and good taste, ignorant plastic people are not on their c’est magnifique menu. Real people however, are a different kettle of fish, they are always appreciated. I never smile at ’em. I’m no Steve Irwin.

Stay Clear of the Everglades

You only have to smile at one of our Aussie crocs and it will show you a warm inner glow -plus lots of bitey things to chew your ears. I can’t speak for the American alligators though. In which case Sarah, it might be better if you stayed well clear of the Everglades while campaigning in Florida. After what happened to Al Gore’s campaign in that neck of the woods, a Democrat leaning Judge might decide yours was simply an open and shut case of “See ya later Alligator”. Republicans understand “rough justice” don’t they. Only joking Sarah. But I did hear alligators are partial to a bit of Pitbull steak.

Caribou’s Celebrating

Governor, I bet you can’t wait to head north to Alaska, before all of the animals are gone. I hear the Caribou numbers have reached plague proportions since you’ve been away. And what about Alaska’s wonderful wolves. I believe they are decked out in McCain/Palin colours in the hope you’ll give them a break by spending a few years in DC. With their present run of luck you’ll be back blasting them back to kingdom come in eight days time. And you call yourself a Christian.

John McCain admitting lying to the American people .. 4 mins

I wanted to send this simple message of congratulations to all of you as volunteers and supporters of Barack without diverting your attention from the challenge of the final week and the hope of a glorious victory. What a long, marvelous and winding road it has been.

My best wishes

Go Obama / Biden


PS: For those who do have time, this article below was written on July 31st. It is something of a reminder of what you have endured and overcome in recent months. The video about McCain, is the same as in this article. Just click on the link address below the title.

A Clueless McCain / America’s Future At Risk



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  1. This will put a smile on your face!


    Posted by Jane in Long Beach, NY | October 28, 2008, 7:50 pm
  2. John,

    Thanks for your input and wisdom during this time
    in history. I sincerely appreciate all your hard work,
    dedication, level head and your sense of fairness.
    It has been a joy being a part of this special election.
    This election for the most part, has brought out the
    best in most Americans. I have never seen an election
    like this one. I am so proud to have had just a small
    part in this election. Obama is a special person and
    has brought out the better Angels in most of us. I
    have had the opportunity to meet you and so many
    wonderful individuals. This has been a whirlwind
    at times, but what a ride. We have seen history at
    its best and worst. I would not trade the many
    memories that I have encountered.
    Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge with all
    of us. You have helped to make this world a better


    Posted by Dorothy Daniel | October 31, 2008, 3:06 pm