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Separate Tables!

 The Sting

 In their nature and conduct, Clinton and Obama sit at separate tables in life.  Oil and water do not mix, neither does such an implausible political partnership.  

As I wrote in the previous article ‘The Carpetbagger Candidate’ there is nothing the Clinton’s wouldn’t attempt in their efforts to get and I emphasise to get, not win, the Democratic Party nomination. There is quite a difference. Proof positive is their latest stunt aided by certain elements of the media. The “Sting” is to try to assume the upper hand in the public’s perception by pushing, not floating, the suggestion that Clinton is in a position to offer a Vice Presidency to Obama.  Ridiculous and disingenuous.

The Schemers

Many people will be appalled by such temerity. However it is simply another example of the type of machiavellian strategies being practised by some extremely devious people within the Clinton camp. The kitchen sink and anything else all over again. It won’t work this time.

For the average person going about their day to day lives one would wrongly assume that Clinton was leading in this contest.  That she was actually in the position to suggest a Presidential partnership between Clinton / Obama was “for the “good of the party” to quote one supporter’s words. Clinton’s campaign people have also been trying to lassoo Super delegates with the bribe that this would be a “dream ticket”. 

Mind you, no one from the Clinton camp bothered to consult the contest leader, Barack Obama.  And surprise, surprise, their version of a dream ticket by some mathematical impossibility sees Clinton at the top of the ticket – who would have guessed!  In the eyes of many Obama supporters after all their willing sacrifice, this would be no dream – it would be their worst nightmare!  The nominee at a time of their choosing will get to announce his or her running mate.  In the meantime I am sure Barack in respect of the process, will keep his powder dry. Checkmate Hillary!

This sort of Clinton nonsense is also being peddled by Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania.  We need to remember that Bill Clinton endorsed him as the general Chairman of the DNC during the 2000 Presidential election. Hillary Clinton also endorsed his candidature for re-election as Governor of Pennsylvania in 2006. You pat my back and I’ll pat yours even at the expense of the country, the presidency and the party.  We are really impressed “Mr Ed”. Still we must remember, it is the Washington way and the voters of Pennsylvania need to know.

More Clinton baggage

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  1. Hey John! I love your blog sight, I’ll be back here again!

    Posted by Antonia | March 13, 2008, 1:12 am
  2. heyyyyy from portugal… i love the site and will be back!!!!

    well doneeee

    Posted by maria from europe | March 13, 2008, 1:30 am
  3. Thanks for another great article, John.

    There seems to be an awful lot of that “back patting”, going on in Congress.

    The recent fiasco with Geraldine Ferrarro, is more than disappointing. It points decidedly to how much is wrong with our political system, and our society, that people must use race as an issue in this day and age, to try and hold a capable, intelligent and dignifed person back.

    The Clintons are running a no-holds-barred campaign, and it is going to catch up with them this time. At the end of the day, they are going to have very little respect left, from their colleages, and the public.

    It’s time for the Clinton Machine to pack it up and go home. People are catching on to them, finally.

    Posted by Ritz | March 13, 2008, 9:59 am
  4. thank you, man

    Posted by Jockpe | March 25, 2008, 1:36 am