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Senator Obama * Get back In The Race!

John McCain should not be in play at this time. He is not your opponent for the nomination. 

A warning from a real friend.

Senator Obama you are in danger of losing this nomination. You must return to selling your message to the remaining States and Puerto Rico to keep the margins as tight as possible. Clinton might appear mortally wounded, but that is when the Clintons are at their most menacing.

John McCain should not be in play at this time. He is not your opponent for the nomination. This is a flawed strategy. If you persist he may never become your opponent. In any competition, the objective is to win. You sir, have not yet won the contest. Many possible scenarios still exist. There is no guarantee that you will be the nominee. You cannot assume anything. Ask yourself why John Edwards hasn’t endorsed you but still takes all the opportunities he can, as does his wife to talk about issues on national TV.

 Waiting in the Wings

Ask yourself why Al Gore hasn’t come out in support of you. I can tell you this, he hasn’t given up on his ambition to be President and is keeping his powder dry in the event of a deadlocked convention. He or Edwards would have no hesitation in taking Hillary as their running mate to get the nomination and unite the Party. Al Gore’s environmental work has given him a constituency which crosses many political divides and he knows the value of that. 

 Enter the Usurper

Senator you must appreciate that you are regarded by Edwards, Gore, and the Clintons and many high ranking, long serving Democrats as nothing more than a smooth talking black usurper who has not paid his dues. In other words it is definitely not your turn. As it was so crudely put by Clinton supporter Governor Ed Rendell when he said,”I don’t believe Pennsylvania is ready to elect a black man yet”. You can’t be clearer than that. If that is the attitude of a former Clinton appointed head of the DNC towards African Americans what do you think Hillary and Bill Clinton’s real attitude has always been.

Please remember a lot of politicans are as jealous as hell. None of these people have ever dreamt of being capable of achieving what you have. None of them could put together what is virtually a  new national political movement. Don’t kid yourself for one moment that the Clintons are interested in playing straight with you. You are trying to unite the Party and while that is desirable and achievable, it is – until you secure the nomination – premature.

A Large Lead is not a Victory

Naturally Clinton’s supporters want you to lose, and again conciliatory moves at this time while they appear noble – are again too early. Win the nomination first, and then set about bringing everyone together into a new energised and united fold. This nomination contest is still a work in progress. All you have achieved to date is a large lead. A lead, Senator, need I remind you, is not a victory.

 A Relentless Opponent

Your opponent has not conceded anything. On the contrary she is misleading you privately and ripping into you publicly. She knows exactly what she is doing. Perhaps you have never run into someone who is totally without principle before. Well sir, welcome to the the Clintons of the world. You are not alone, it is only recently that many experienced former Clinton supporters now realise they have been duped and even sections of the fourth estate are finally coming to the same conclusion.

 Sieze the Agenda – Raise the Bar

Senator Obama, from another perspective, you owe it to all the people who have got you this far to get back in the race, and sieze the nomination. It will not be handed to you. Finish the race before you start celebrating or assuming the Superdelegates will get you there . Assume nothing. Keep your eyes on the Prize. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you risk letting it slip away. Its been done before many times when the finish line seemed so close. Listen to what you know. Do not place any value on promises. Just roll up your sleeves again and get back out there and tell it like it is. Show the American people what you are made of – and that you take nothing for granted. They will respect that.

 Drive Hard to the Line

You have everything to offer your country and your country needs a man like you. Forget about McCain for the moment . Your only opponent is Clinton. She isn’t interested in a fair fight, she’s interested in winnning. That’s something you could learn from her. She is focused and resolute.  She’s not worried about the state of the Party or 50 State registration work at the moment. She is right. The job is to win the nomination first.

 Keep the Message Simple and Personal

Senator you must aim to hit the finish line hard – you are about to enter the home straight. This is danger time and a lot can happen. Play every day as a grand final. Talk to the voters about basic things. Tell them what you will do for them as their President. Jobs and the economy will always be their priority. Let the Clintons sort out their own self made problems. Sir, run as hard as you can – and then run even harder. America needs you.  First win the nomination.   

Go Obama yes you can!


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  1. Thanks John, an excellent piece!

    You’ve worded exactly what was worrying me. I praytell that our mutual concern and care for Sen Obama reaches him, even by osmosis to not slip up. The message truly rings clear it is not over until it is over!!!!! At best we can only A)mplify I)ntensify M)agnify our intentions till the nomination is officially secured.

    This is indeed a timely reminder.

    Let’s get FIRED UP ‘N READY TO

    Posted by Chi Deva | May 10, 2008, 10:28 pm
  2. John,
    You hit the nail on the head.
    It is true, that those who haven’t endorsed Barack, is because they want more for themselves.
    That’s politics. This is a great letter and I hope he heeds it.
    My only question, why did you send it to Hillary?
    Thanks, Charmaine, Greenlawn, NY

    Posted by charmaine a nygaar | May 10, 2008, 10:31 pm
  3. Truer words were never spoken. Keep your eyes on the prize! Finish the race! Yes we can!

    Posted by Kimani | May 11, 2008, 12:49 am
  4. John, I agree with you to a point, however, I don’t agree that it’s as simple as you portray it. For instance, Al Gore is not really much of a Clinton fan anymore because of the way the Lewinsky affair was handled and how the Clintons left the White House. He has been focused on environmental issues for the most part. Also the other politicians who are endorsing Barack (even leaving Clinton for Barack) are endorsing him for many strong and important reasons. They know that they don’t owe the Clintons anything. Also there is the math. Even though the Supers can bring her over the finish line before him that would be a fatal move for the Democratic party. That would spit this party in half and you can guarantee that McCain will win in the fall. The supers aren’t going to do that. Also Claire McCaskill said that she has great confidence that the majority of the supers are with Barack Obama.

    I think that your argument could be correct in theory but the chances of it happening are very slim as it sort of sounds a little bit like a conspiracy theory.

    Whatever the case, I think it is wise for Barack to campaign and campaign hard in all of the remaining states including West Virginia and Kentucky. I hope that he doesn’t think that they are lost and lost with huge margins. He needs to campaign as though he can win, or at least bring the margins down considerably. That’s the bottom line regarding what he needs to do. He definitely needs to work harder than ever right now.

    Posted by Benjamin from Wyoming | May 11, 2008, 5:50 am
  5. I agree that the Clintons will never be done. We as Obama supporters need to continue to canvass and make calls in WV and Kentucky. It does make a difference so once he gets there, he can narrow the margins. Please stay focused Obama supporters. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t get distracted.

    Posted by Ann31 | May 11, 2008, 6:04 am
  6. John,

    I agree with you 100%. Senator Obama needs to work just as hard for the up coming states as he did for the ones that he won and lost. They want to see him slow down and not fight as hard so that his numbers will drop. I am so glad that you wrote this passage, for he is in danger of people trying to take it from him. He cannot afford to assume anything at this point except to campaign even harder. His job is not over until every state has voted. I think that we all should express our concerns to him.

    This is serious and I smell a rat…Plus a bad feeling that he is being set up. He is still running against HRC at present and she has an agenda, to become President. I am so glad that someone thinks like I do. No matter what the people in power tell him, he needs to concentrate on Hillary, Bill, Chesley, the Gop, and all those that wished to be president. He needs to stay focused and always keep one eye open, for there are people around him that are not well wishers. Thanks again for getting this out to everyone.


    Posted by Dorothy | May 11, 2008, 2:32 pm
  7. John, thank you for your wisdom, but God is greater than all the Clintons, Gore, Edwards, Gop and etc., and He does not want us to fear man but only believe in our calling, but also always watch and pray. If Senator Obama is called of God and I believe that his calling is of God at this time, anyone that come against him will find themselves fighting against God not Senator Obama.

    Posted by Diana Sanders | May 11, 2008, 11:46 pm
  8. Stop smelling the Rat and Start and ALWAYS smell the Rose!!! When you project an inkling of fear you bring that fear to you. It is the same as smelling the Rose when you project Positivity on that rat that Rat starts smelling YOUR ROSE. The Old Regimen is dying AND fading, still some shadows will remain, but Light always overtake shadows. Your thoughts should never be negative and thrown out there as a seed to can cause fear amount others. Barack’s campaign did not get behind him because he was naive, they got behind him because of the Truth that he stands for and Truth Always Prevail. I do not see him sitting by idly he is continueously going and campaigning. He has said it various times “I take nothing for granted” Therefore if the others have negativity in their hearts to Try and Plot, remember negativity will return to you and bring a spiral of others with it.That is the way of it. TRUTH ALWAYS PREVAIL.

    Posted by Shirley Muhammad | May 11, 2008, 11:48 pm
  9. This race for the nomination has always been about timing. You have to move in on your opponent when they are in a position of weakness. After Pennsylvania, didn’t Hillary hammer Obama about Rev. Wright again, his relationship to Ayers, his comments about voters who were bitter, and despite throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at him she narrowly won a razor thin victory in Indiana and got walloped in North Carolina. Now she is down, June is around the corner and the super delegates are making overtures to him…this is the moment when he has to appear “presidential.” Barack is great at reading the winds of change. Barack is an excellent strategist and has put together a campaign that will go down in the history books. They will be studying this campaign in Political Science classes at Harvard, Yale, Wharton and everywhere students of politics can learn how a campaign should be run. This is not the time for Obama to be shy. There is a saying in sales and marketing when you “assume the sale.” He is gracious enough to acknowledge that she is still in the race, but this is the time for him to gain as many super delegates as he can. She can do nothing at this point to catch up to him. He will not win West Virginia and quite frankly there are not that many delegates tied to that May 13 primary. I disagree with this warning to Obama. Hillary is not the Phoenix rising from the ashes. She is trying to raise the money to pay herself back her $11 million, carve out a position for herself in a future administration, and decide on her role in helping bring the party together. He and his campaign strategists know what they are doing.

    Posted by Boomerang | May 12, 2008, 2:11 am
  10. Right on the money John,

    One must never take their eye off of the prize, in a competition (race) like this…or their opponent!

    I hope that Barack Obama is and will follow this sage advice, as the true opponent right now, first and foremost, is Hillary Clinton and her surrogates. They have shown every step of the way, that they will fight hard and dirty and they only play to win.

    Nothing about this campaign, has ever been able to be taken for granted. It has been close all along, and everything, including the kitchen sink, has been thrown at Obama to try and get him off his game. He has done amazingly well holding up against it all, and I believe strongly that he will continue to do so.

    However, you are correct in your assertion that Obama must keep focused on the battle he is currently still waging, before he moves fully onto the next. That time WILL come, but first there is business to be taken care of, and certainly Clintons can never, ever be underestimated. One never knows what they will pull out of their collective hats next.

    Here are to some positive surprises in the upcoming races, starting this Tuesday, with West Virgina! Let’s prove those polls wrong and make something happen. We did it in North Carolina and Indiana recently, and we will do it again. Come on let’s GO!

    OBAMA 2008 & 2012

    Posted by Ritz | May 12, 2008, 6:02 pm
  11. You really got our attention with your policies and your message of CHANGE. You sent the best message of CHANGE and gave us HOPE with your your vision of being united. When you reverberate “their are no Red states or Blue state, it’s all about the United States”, this is a sentiment most American’s dream of. We long for unity. Please echo this vision during your closings in each of the six remaining contest You won a lot of people with this vision, BECAUSE we felt your sincerity.

    I commend all the poster’s above, and agree with their comments.

    Posted by henry | May 13, 2008, 5:04 am