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Sarah Palin’s Yellow Brick Road To Riches

In the madcap, political circus which handicaps America today, her tactics are working and her supporters are being hoodwinked.

A Powerful Sponsor

After being scooped up by the ever vigilant media predator, Rupert Murdoch, chief of News Ltd and it’s subsidiary, Fox News,  Sarah Palin’s post public service strategy to fast track a personal accumulation of wealth, appears to be paying off – big time.

The Palin Mystique?

What is it about Sarah Palin?  Not only has she been successful in attracting the support of two extremely wealthy and powerful old men in Senator John McCain and Rupert Murdoch, at the other end of the scale she also enjoys the support of just about every Redneck in America. What would Mae West make of that? News reports would have us believe that she has banked around $12 million since being plucked from relative political obscurity in Alaska in 2008, to become the most unlikely Vice Presidential candidate in living memory. At the time of her announcement as a running mate for Senator John McCain, her elevation into the national political arena was greeted as an unexpected coup for the GOP. In hindsight, many Republicans now have a very different view.

Let the Good Times Roll

Currently while millions of American families continue to struggle as a result of the global financial crisis, Ms Palin’s financial affairs have never been so productive. The good times haven’t stopped rolling for the lady from Anchorage since she and and her campaign partner,the infatuated septuagenarian from Arizona, Senator John McCain, were trounced in the Presidential election of 2008.

The Simple Palin Strategy

Her growing public notoriety is clear proof that the more controversial her statements become, the more media coverage and comment she attracts. In today’s print media such is the emphasis on so called “celebrity” that fewer column inches are available for common sense ideas. And much like the fate of ” most good news” stories, common sense ideas rarely make headlines, sell papers or increase circulation. What does that say about our mentality? What it does suggest however, is that if media is to be conducted primarily as a business in the 21st century, making money will be the top priority.

In her new media career as a commentator and self appointed people’s champion, the free ranging Ms Palin, courtesy of her benefactor Rupert Murdoch and team Fox, appears to have found her yellow brick road to fame and fortune. In return she will add many more greenbacks to Mr M’s balance sheet. Her strategy is mind numbingly simple. She attracts public support by attacking high profile political targets. She empathizes with people’s concerns and attempts to placate these by offering simple solutions. Unfortunately her remedies are generally ill considered, simplistic and often quite unrealistic.For those who are feeling angry and suffering great hardship, her shoot from the hip ideas may have some instant appeal and raise hopes,but uninformed comment, even if well intended, only adds to the problem governments face.

No one in the Democratic Party including the President of the United States, is beyond the reach of her dumb witted critiques. Her prime objective is to gain maximum publicity for herself and her views. The more extreme her comments, the greater the media coverage and public response. In the madcap, political circus that handicaps America today, her tactics are working and her supporters are being hoodwinked.

A 21st Century Mae West

Sarah Palin’s appeal should not be underestimated. She employs her charm with coquettish subtlety and her male supporters fall for it hook line and sinker. Not a bad effort at all, for someone who is regarded as an intellectual nitwit and a political failure. A woman whose reputation as Alaska’s governor was tarnished by ethics claims. A factor which may have influenced her decision to truncate her first term tenure, midterm, without real explanation at the time.

Even as millions of her fellow Americans are losing their homes Sarah’s banker would gleefully admit there are no signs of damage from the GFC in her new neck of the woods. Particularly while her personal relationships at Rupert Land remain strong.

America needs to be Alert

If America is to get back on it’s feet more people will need to start paying attention to what is happening in their country. In fact Sarah Palin’s behaviour is more suited to farce. As loopy as her views are, they are more suited to providing comedic relief in forums like Saturday Night Live or downtown Las Vegas. Tina Fey would agree, of that I am sure.

In actuality her plan is an adaptation of the highly lucrative strategy of promoting extremism similar to that employed by Russ Limbaugh and Glen Beck. A strategy which thrives by constantly creating and inciting high levels of controversy and public angst on hot issues. A crass vehicle for out and out self promotion designed to make stars out of ignorant talking heads while raking in money for America’s ratings hungry media organisations.

A White House Bid in 2012 is just a Ruse

Those serious about the quality of US media should understand that by covering Sarah Palin’s self promoting activities, they are being duped through the subterfuge of a Murdoch controlled political pretender. Why otherwise would Palin continue to fan speculation regarding the possibility of her making a presidential bid in 2012?  In beating up this most unlikely outcome, the media unwittingly becomes complicit in her duplicity. Sarah Palin and Mr Murdoch both understand that she is unelectable to the White House. They also know that her days in politics are over. She has a better deal now. Sarah Palin doesn’t want to be a public servant again. She’s the type that wants to have servants of her own.

She Has The $$$ Formula

These days Sarah Palin is is making more money than she ever dreamed of in her new life as a roving, pouting, winking, political stirring Murdoch backed celebrity. For the first time in her life she is laughing all the way to the Bank. She is already a Star in the eyes of millions of Americans, and by now she is probably more famous than most of those in Hollywood. Who says that sex doesn’t sell? Certainly no one in the Advertising game.

Everything Sarah Palin now does involves taking full advantage of her McCain endowed window of political celebrity. There is no crime in that. One thing is certain. You can be sure she will use every opportunity to lavishly line her pockets regardless of the collateral damage her activities may wreak on many unsuspecting Americans. As she would so eloquently put it in Alaska speak. “You Betcha”.

With the advancement of modern technology perhaps the day will come when Sarah’s “Bridge to Nowhere”ideas can be encapsulated and transported to a specially selected galactic dustbin location chosen by NASA as a repository for all such records of political stupidity. Of course it would need to be a very large and useless type of planet.

“Beam me up Scotty” might be a better mode than Fedex for this task!



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  1. Dear John…..wow…you really DON’T like her now, do you? You call her an “intellectual nitwit,” while misspelling behavior…unless you are a Canuck…and NEED extra vowels…Where are the examples?
    She DOES have a degree from an American university, right ?
    What IS obvious, is that YOU are envious, perhaps even jealous of her position. An American, making money, which she will undoubtedly filter back to her children and grandkids. What a witch, huh ? Perhaps we all should have evenly distributed wealth ? Could you live on, say, 15-20 K a year? That’s would be truly and evenly distributed.
    So what if she does or doesn’t run? it’s obvious that when you can’t attack the message, you attack the messenger. What do you suggest in exchange? It’s easy to criticize, harder to actually have done something. She was the 2nd woman to ever be niominated for Vice-president, and you can’t change that. As for smarts, did you know that Al Gore had LOWER grades in college than George Bush (43) ? But let’s not let facts get in the way of a smarmy
    insinuation. When are YOU running ?

    Editor’s comment:

    NB: As an Australian citizen,spelling of the word e.g. (behaviour) is an example of this country’s use of Oxford English. You may not be aware that Australia is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

    Posted by Joe C | November 28, 2010, 2:01 am
  2. Sarah Palin moved from college to college. It isn’t know if she ever got a degree.Perhaps she did, but a degree doesn’t make one smart enough to be President. she is excellen in Virtual TV, sports reporting, variety shows- but please all you out there don’t waste a vote on her if she decides to run. Our Country needs a person who has a handle on running it- I lovePresident Barack Obama. Cheers to someone who thinks before he speaks; and pauses to reflect.

    Posted by charmaine | November 28, 2010, 2:30 am
  3. I am tired of the argument that if you don’t like Sarah Palin it must mean that you are jealous of her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Her radical ideas and lack of understanding of law and the Constitution plus total ignorance of the the rest of the world make her a very dangerous person to be so powerful in politics. I agree with Barbara Bush who said that Ms Palin should stay in Alaska.

    Posted by Liz | November 28, 2010, 2:38 am
  4. If Sarah Palin looked like Margaret Thatcher, do you think she would be getting these same “redneck” responses!? Heck No!!

    Posted by Tawny | November 28, 2010, 3:12 am
  5. Being female, I love a wink and a little flirt…it goes a long way to cover the sins of ignorance and plain stupidity. I applaud that woman, she has learned that one virtue very well, maybe she’s not as ‘simple’ as we all wish. It takes skill after all to con people and win their affections with lines like, “you betcha!” Yes, yes, I love the woman. That is why my one and only bumper sticker reads, “Go ahead and vote for Sarah Palin, the world ends in 2012 anyway!”

    Posted by Wendy Boyce | November 30, 2010, 3:53 am
  6. Telling Thoughts: Schmidt now seemingly wise after the event. However he conveniently overlooks his part in the whole dangerous episode & carefully avoids admitting any responsibility for recommending Palin to McCain.

    Schmidt’s brutally honest assessment of Sarah Palin .. Washington Post 12th March 2012


    Posted by John | March 13, 2012, 9:07 am