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Sarah from the Second Grade

Winning in politics is like fighting with a bear Sarah. However there’s no prize for second place and guns aren’t allowed.

Dear Sarah,

You surprised me when you said you were in the second grade when you heard Joe Biden’s speeches in the Senate. Are you sure? Perhaps math wasn’t the best subject of the former sportscaster and small town mayor, who so far has enjoyed less than two years as a struggling state governor? Perhaps arithmetic tables are are somewhat different in Caribou City via Mooseville?According to many Alaskans, a lot of things are. Ask any wolf, bear, or honest public servant, but only if you can guarantee whistleblower protection.  

Why do I feel that way?

Let me count the ways, (apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning)

Sarah you were born on the 11th February 1964. Joe Biden entered the US Senate in 1973, the year in which you attained the grand total of 9 years of age. Now in reaching  hungrily for the Vice Presidency, you claim to have been in the second grade when you first heard Senator Biden’s senate speeches?. Wow, Sarah, that is impressive. That’s really early career planning. Even then you were considering a life of beauty contests, sports broadcasting or with luck and one of your stock standard smiles, charging through the bearpit of politics. Winning in politics is like fighting with a bear, Sarah. You know a lot about bears, you’ve killed so many. However in politics, there’s no prize for second place and guns aren’t allowed. Right, Ms Barracuda? 

 A Stranger in Town

SP, until a few weeks ago most Americans had never heard of you. As a result the McCain  campaign was forced to organise a lightning romance between you and the voters. For a while the con trick seemed to be working. It’s incredible the way they have managed to keep you hidden from most of the media. Ironically it is precisely because of that ploy that the people of Alaska are now emerging from their political igloos to warn the rest of America that you are indeed very hot – hot with political ambition and a lust for power, that is. We saw evidence of this when you haughtily sniped that you had been hearing Joe Biden’s Senate speeches since the age of 9 years. Surely this is a sign of something odd?  Maybe Sarah, you are really only a Barra – coulda? or possibly after November 4, a Barra who? Life’s like that.

 Hiding From the Media?

We know you still avoid talking to the media after your two interview disasters to date, however I am not part of the media. Just pretend I am a member of the “Save the wolves of Alaska foundation,” they must be owed a lot of Palin  interviews by now. Just a couple of easy questions and you can take all the time you want up to November 3rd to respond if you like. After which, no one except the “Troopergate” investigators will care where you roam – just as long as its nowhere near 1600 Pennysylvania Ave. The wolves, moose, caribou and bears of Alaska will all say aye to that. What a pity they can’t vote. Has anyone bothered to inquire about voting rights for animals? What about  some of the democrat breeds. Dogs for Obama, Cats for Obama, etc and my personal  favourite, “A  Llama for Obama”. It would be a landslide, a virtual voting “Manyana for Obama”.


All jokes aside SP, I would like you to answer two questions minus the mumbo jumbo responses you dished out in those wasted and useless TV interviews. Simple questions about your statement at the rally with your running mate McCain? Remember the Palin/McCain ticket you mentioned in a freudian slip last week. We do.

This is what you said this week. quote: “I was hearing Joe Biden’s senate speeches when I was in the second grade” Sarah here you are trying to make mileage out of it on CBS, ( Video – I min 8 secs) Link.  http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4486501n

First question: Why would a 9 year old be interested in hearing Senate speeches? Were you dreaming of the White House even then? Second question: Why at 9 years of age, did it take you years longer than other children, to make the second grade?

Sarah, in making your remarks about Joe Biden you behaved rather rudely. Much like a  disrespectful child. Remember Sarah, you are now 44 years old and a contender for high office. This is not a wildlife murderer of the year contest. If it was, no one could challenge you. You are the grand champion.

Rank Amateurs Vs The Pros

Sarah, Senator Joe Biden is 21 years your senior. He has 35 years of unbroken US Senate experience (14 years more than John McCain) and an outstanding legal background to professorial level. A record which guarantees that he would bring long overdue ethics, knowledge and experience to the office of the Vice Presidency. Joe Biden is physically fit, mentally sharp and qualified to assume the Presidency if events dictated. All democrats agree on that. John McCain’s candicacy does not even have the full support of the Republican Party. Nor is he credible or acting in the country’s best interests when he claims that you are qualified to assume the Presidency should events dictate.That claim along with other preposterous assumptions seriously calls into question his judgement.

Sarah, how could you attempt to compare Senator Biden’s professional background and political record with that of your own paltry offering of only six years experience as a small town mayor and less than two years as a state governor? C’mon now. Waving your eyelashes around won’t get you this job. Here are a few more salient facts. At age 72, John McCain is 28 years older than you Sarah. In fact he is the oldest person to ever contest the US Presidency. In competing with a 47 year old Barack Obama, McCain now finds himself pitted against a man who is at the peak of his intellectual powers and enjoying first class health. Just what the country needs. 

Like Peas in a Political Pod

On the other hand, John McCain has refused to have his medical records thoroughly examined. Why? Because he knows he has serious health issues. McCain has an explosive temperament and he suffers many senior moments. It is now clear that John McCain is  incapable of handling the pressure and intellectual demands of the office of President. 

Sarah Palin, unlike Joe Biden you have nothing to offer the United States with your grab for the office of Vice President and possibly by default the Oval Office itself. Henceforth the United States will find itself challenged on all fronts for at least two decades if it is to regain its economic strength. In the view of a Nobel Prize winner in economics that is by no means certain. One thing is certain. To meet the challenges the country faces the very best and brightest will need to contribute at all levels of business and government from the beginning. That means starting right now.

Sarah Palin, clearly, you and John McCain are not in that league. 

Remember, “This is no beauty contest”.

Go Obama / Biden  Yes we can



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  1. This posting dragged on & on & on with it’s point, in an insufferably long (& largely unsuccessful) attempt to make the reader laugh. I would, personally, give this blog an A…. for a second grade paper. Otherwise, this is worthy of a C.

    Note to the Author: I am 100% on your side and agree with the basic premise behind this article. It’s the attempt to get your points across that I found so lame!

    Posted by Publius McPeters | October 1, 2008, 7:58 am
  2. Her math education is as good as Biden’s history education.

    Posted by Paula | October 9, 2008, 3:44 pm