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Philadelphia’s D Day

Obama offers the Democrats 8 years in the White House and the opportunity to lay a sound platform for America’s future

The end of the waiting game

In a matter of hours the voters of Pennsylvania will make a choice, the effect of which will change people’s lives and positively or negatively impact on the state’s manufacturing future and related industries for generations to come. If Pennsylvania chooses Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama then they might as well hang their heads in shame for not paying attention to what Clinton truly represents in the eyes of a world which is obviously much better informed.

On the other hand, if commonsense delivers an understanding that only one candidate Barack Obama, is offering them an economic lifeline, then there is hope for the people of  Philadelphia.  Admittedly when people have had certain fixed views and been preconditioned by elements of the national media for a long time it is extremely hard to accept the alternative. However in the present political and economic climate – needs must. Fortunately change is happening in PA; the five leading PA newspapers have now endorsed Barack Obama after meeting with him personally. That was the decider. It always is.

It really is chalk and cheese

If the voters have been paying attention the evidence is clear. 1. Compare how the Obama and Clinton campaigns have been conducted as an example of their top management skills. 2. Compare how many new voters the Obama campaign has attracted to the Democratic ticket in the hope that Obama will be the nominee. 3. Compare the fund raising success and professionalism of the Obama campaign to that of Hillary Clinton.  Even with the Clinton advantage of big Corporation funding and big money from lobbyists. FEC figures just released show that Obama has a 42 million dollar surplus in the Bank at the beginning of April, Vs Clinton is in debt. So much for Clinton’s wide appeal and business acumen.

The Clinton baggage

Currently the Clinton’s lawyers are listed by a Judge’s ruling to appear in the Los Angeles Superior Court representing their clients as the defendants/respondents to a civil claim of fraud by former Clinton associate Peter F Paul, on 25th April in Los Angeles. This case has taken more than 4 years to reach this point due to the Clintons’ delaying tactics.

Throughout the campaign Hillary Clinton has lied and denied. She also lied on public occasions about having to run from sniper fire on her arrival in Bosnia. See this video for a damning CBS report on the Clinton claim: I think you will agree this is the hallmark of a person who is an habitual deceiver.

Clinton with an equal lack of credibility denied having anything to do with distributing photos of Obama in muslim clothing. It was an age old tradition of honouring an important guest in Senator Obama. The Clintons have also been participants following the same tradition as later photos and film showed. Mrs Clinton also denied saying that the small state wins of Obama who leads by 30 states to Clinton’s 14 – don’t count – yet there were plenty of witnesses. I could go on.  Let’s hope the undecided voters of Philadelphia have been paying close attention.

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  1. John,

    You have done a wonderful, direct comparison. Thank you for all your work & words of inspiration and education!

    PA would do well to read your arguement in favor of Obama.


    Posted by kjoftherock | April 23, 2008, 4:09 am
  2. Just because Hillary was able to manipulate Pennsylvanians, doesn’t mean I’ll start packing for Australia just yet. She still has a ton of bullying, manipulating and lying to do in order to win in any of the up and coming states. This was a itsy bitsy victory for her.
    My new biggest pet peeve is seeing Hillary’s face on every news channel. I flip through the channels quickly and breath a sigh of relief when I pass the Hillary flooded channels. It reminds me of that sick feeling I get when George Bush takes up the potential for good air time.

    Posted by Rosemary | April 23, 2008, 2:23 pm
  3. What is so upsetting is when people overlook the Hillary lies and still think? and vote for her, when the world is desperately in need of a leader who is willing to talk with even .

    How about the scare tactics of her wanting to finish the Iranians out of the face of the earth. I wonder what the Iranians and their neighbours would be thinking about this bullying Clinton. Please people of usa note that there are millions of other human beings on planet earth who relay on usa leadership.

    Posted by pana | April 23, 2008, 5:51 pm