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Passport spying – Watergate Revisited?

There’s one hell of a lot of smoke here, and most people know from which direction the wind is blowing.


According to the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the matter of the belatedly disclosed passport security breaches involving the personal records of Barack Obama and reportedly later, Hillary Clinton and John McCain is to be the subject of a thorough investigation. We shall see! I will defer any comment other than to say. There’s one hell of a lot of smoke here, and most people know from which direction the wind is blowing. I felt  it might be interesting to share some of the published comments in reaction to a report by NBC News.

NBC News – Comments

Good Work! Keep Digging… Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. To think someone just “looked” into Obama’s passport record would be shortsighted. “Everyone” needs to know their real life names, what they really did, their purpose, and who they shared it with. Answering the question “Who would benefit from knowing personal information regarding Barack Obama,” will most likely lead to enlightenment.

Who saw this coming? (sarcasm implied) – A business that specializes in federal government staffing and is owned by a repeated contributor to Republican campaigns, who suddenly has a change of heart and donates to Hillary’s campaign (in accordance with Rush Limbaugh’s “tactical voting” scheme to push Obama out) and contractors in this company are found to be invading Senator Obama’s private records 3 times in as many months? Each transgression occurring within a week of an Obama victory on the campaign trail? So tell me, why should the American people NOT be suspicious of this. Oh that’s right, this is Bush/Rove politics as usual. We should expect this kind of behavior and underhanded tactics from GOP sympathizers by now.

The new facility is in ARKANSAS. Does nobody see the connection here? And a $1,000 donation the day before the second Obama breach? And NO mention of former Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Maura Harty, who kept a lid on the first two breaches, resigned after the second, has historical connections to the Clinton and Bush administrations, and has currently connections to Clinton’s campaign. While correlation does not necessarily imply causality, if it walks like a duck…

The last sentence is interesting: “According to federal campaign records, Stanley’s CEO, Philip Nolan, has made political contributions to prominent Republican candidates and also gave $1,000 to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign on Feb. 20, 2008.”

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  1. I wasn’t aware of all the details. Thanks for informing us. The whole incident has sounded suspicious since the word came out. And then Condee’s apology!

    The plot thickens in this whole state of affairs…

    Posted by Ritz | March 23, 2008, 3:18 pm
  2. I’ll have to agree with John Zeazeas comment on this one. Now lets sit back and see what comes of the investigation.

    Posted by Une rose jaune | March 24, 2008, 11:45 pm