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Palin the PREDATOR!

What sort of a message does this photo send to parents and children? What does it say about Sarah Palin in this day and age? 

Photo: Palin poses with caribou she shot 

 Sarah’s Killing Field Classroom

What sort of a message does this photo send to parents and children? What does it say about Palin the politician as a person? This is not the 1930’s, when people killed animals for sport and trophies. This woman needs re -education. The idea that Sarah Palin possesses the qualities, skills and judgement to be Vice President and possibly President of the United States of America insults the intelligence of the American people and is ludicrous in the extreme. It is also important to realise that many of the decisions taken in the Oval Office  impact on countries outside the United States. Decisions to which they are not party.

In the current economic climate and with the world facing many major challenges it helps to explain the unprecedented worldwide interest in the outcome of this particular general election. Overwhelmingly the world outside America is for Obama. We know the real McCain and his serious limitations. To me there is only one big thing about McCain, and that is his ego. John McCain is a loose cannon and he is also a dangerous, unstable, cunning and temperamental person who is totally unfit for office. I actually think much less of him than that. 

Sarah Palin and fellow wild life killers video 3mins 25 secs

In producing the attractive Sarah Palin from her political kindergarden in Alaska I  suspect that John McCain and his cronies are hoping that media interest in Palin will help to divert questions away from McCain. A tactic by which McCain will try to avoid having to detail his vision for America, his policy objectives, and how he intends to fund them. We can hardly wait for that. To date he has not outlined his plans, and he will endeavour to skim through if he can. In contrast, Senator Obama has laid out in clear terms where he wants to take the country and how it can be achieved. McCain’s devious tactic to avoid real scrutiny must be exposed. The media needs to be far more inquiring, responsible and professional. McCain is the candidate. He must be tested and examined thoroughly. 

Should Barack Obama win the election, then Palin’s possible succession is no longer an issue or fortunately a future national security concern. In preparation for the Vice Presidential debate on October 2nd, Senator Joe Biden needs to rehearse all of the issues and possible responses, and take care to study Palin’s political background, policy positions and values. In addition he wil need to have questions to put, in regard to domestic and foreign policy, and he must also highlight his major policy achievements and experience in dealing with world leaders. Palin has no experience in these areas.

The media needs to be encouraged to start grilling John McCain to have him explain and justify the rationale behind his decision to select Sarah Palin. This is a matter of national importance and security. Other people seeking high national office have to be examined and Sarah Palin is a virtual unknown by comparison. She is a person who had only met John McCain on two previous occasions before deciding to accept his offer. In fact McCain had never met her, as he admits, prior to January of 2008. Unbelievable.

As the running mate to a Presidential candidate, Palin a virtual unknown, would be only a heart beat away from the Presidency should McCain prevail in this election. In which case if John McCain dropped dead on January 21st 2009, Palin spelt with five letters would become POTUS with five letters and even more important than Sarah with five letters. That McCain could act so flippantly and irresponsibly, should frighten the daylights out of the American people. It clearly demonstrates that he really does care more about being  elected than anything else, including the welfare of his country and its people. He is dangerous.

If elected on November 4, McCain’s decision could, and most assuredly would, prejudice the security and well being of every American. In Palin’s case, the very fact that she accepted McCains’s offer clearly demonstrates that her personal ambition has overidden all other crucial considerations concerning America’s best interests. A blatant and glaring example of her incredibly poor judgement.

 MSNBC — Talking of Palin’s Selection for McCain’s VP – 2 min 33

Go Obama – Yes we can



A HUNTING TROPHY: In this undated photo, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and one of her daughters pose with a caribou she shot. A woman in an exceedingly macho state, Palin has not always been taken seriously. But opponents cross her at their peril. (Associated Press) 

Photo: Palin poses with caribou she shot













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  1. Wow, that photo makes me sick! And with her little daughter standing there! I am going to show this to every parent and animal lover I know!

    Posted by Amie H | September 3, 2008, 4:50 am
  2. Animals share our world with us.
    We should be looking out for them as well as our families and the World.

    Who do we want to be or next President and Vice-President?

    Barack Obama!!! and Joe Biden!!!
    Change We Can Believe In

    Posted by Jill Gochanour | September 3, 2008, 9:32 am
  3. When I think about my little boy, who was taking each little ant with his tiny fingers, and bringing them outside, one by one, and delicately putting them in the grass, so they could go on to live outside…!
    If you raise your children to have respect for all creatures, great or small, they will also have respect for human beings and the planet!
    Maybe McCain’s choice is justified, being a warmonger, he is attracted by Palin’s killing instincts!

    Posted by Marie-France | September 3, 2008, 4:30 pm
  4. McCain called her his “soulmate” – weird at first, but now understandable.

    Posted by Polly | September 3, 2008, 5:12 pm
  5. I have no problem with the picture…hunting is and always will be a culturally significant part of this country. It’s not always pretty, but if you eat meat, you have no argument against it. I am not a hunter, but as long as hunters use every part possible, I can respect that. Trophy hunting is wrong and aerial hunting of wolves (which Palin supports) is deplorable and despicable. Her support of aerial hunting needs to be brought forward as I believe most Americans would also find it revolting.

    Posted by DougMN | September 3, 2008, 10:51 pm
  6. I am still dumbfounded by the choice of Sarah Palin as Vice President. Never mind her complicated personal life that will need her attention in the coming months and years. I can’t get my head around the idea that this person was chosen out of millions.

    The old politics played out by a young person is even more odious and what we need to excise from our political mindsets. It seems to me she was chosen because she also wants to use the God given natural world for her hunting and drilling pleasure.

    We’re gonna chase them crazy baldheads out of town!


    Posted by Tricia | September 3, 2008, 10:53 pm
  7. John, a great big thanks for finding & publishing this revolting photo of “Sarah The Bambi Killer”. Not sure what the percentage of Americans is that are animal lovers, but I know as one of the fans of the animal world, I would never vote for any person who hunted living creatures for “sport”. It seems to me that it is even worse to take her young daughter along.

    She doesn’t believe in abortion, just in murder!

    Posted by Helen South | September 4, 2008, 12:46 am
  8. What is wrong with the Republicans.

    Out of all the candidates why picking the worse as VP?

    Sarah Palin understand only about abortion and guns. Is this what our country need?

    Her own family can not live to the standard they set for others. What an example.

    JESUS is the prince of peace and GOD is love, HE loves the care for the poor.

    Sarah shows none of these values in her policies

    Posted by John Smith - CA | September 4, 2008, 1:26 am
  9. Interesting discussion. I can clearly see one side of the topic. I know I have cainine teeth, so blood shouldn’t bother me. I am at the top of the food chain, & didn’t get there by only eating grass. As to the wolves, they are also preditors, & compete to live as well. The part that is absurd, is the part of bounties for a fresh killed leg. I think God knows how to deal with creation, as creation is perfect, when God is allowed to be the only judge. Looks as if Palin’s bounty policy seeks to tell God that he/she/it doesn’t no how to run things, & needs a little help judgeing the balance of nature. As to teaching children how to eat, where food comes from, how all of creation is connected; what’s bad about that?
    Leave the fear to death. Embrace the power of love, & respect, & witness the greatness of creation.
    Retire McCain for the love of McCain. Elect Obama/Biden for the love of humanity. Palin can adjust her beliefs to value the wolves, & become part of our great movement of change.

    Posted by David Nicewarner | September 4, 2008, 4:28 am
  10. We must be careful on the high road. It’s a long way down when we embrace fear. Judgement was the ticket out of the garden of Eden. The Republicans are looking good on the high road right now. Ease up on the fear, fellow democrats. This ain’t the time to look down.

    Posted by David Nicewarner | September 4, 2008, 4:36 am
  11. They say that killing animals coarsens a person, i.e. they become less kind than they could have been. I believe it.

    It’s a small step from killing an animal to finding an excuse to drop bombs on or machine-gun innocent people in foreign lands for war profiteering by people who don’t mind kiling animals.

    Sarah could buy meat to eat in the supermarket, but she likes the thrill of killing. Is this a person we want to help run the U.S. government and possibly be president??

    The very thought is nerve-wracking.

    Posted by Kristen | September 6, 2008, 5:36 am
  12. Brilliant, John. As usual

    Posted by Barb Miller of Canada | September 6, 2008, 8:53 am
  13. Palin’s blood lust for wolves – she claims it’s to increase caribou and moose herds – so they can provide blood sport to her hunter friends! – is only the beginning. She also spent almost half a million dollars from Alaska taxpayers to oppose protection of polar bears and baluga whales, so her oil friends could drill freely, there and now. If you don’t want to see the end of protecting endangered species, then start working to get Obama/Biden elected, there’s less than 60 days to go – less than 30 days for early voting and absentee ballots to begin getting sent in!

    Posted by V | September 7, 2008, 2:17 am
  14. Killing animals for sport isn’t the same as killing for food. My daughter raises her children to understand that the chickens they raise organically are to be killed for food for the year; the calf is fatted and slaughtered for food; just as the milk comes from the cow and the vegetables come from hard work in the garden.

    Serial killers are most often classified by having started as killers of pets. It’s just a small step to taking that aggression out in sport killing of animals and/or further to being insensitive to inflicting pain/death on humans.

    Of all the choices of qualified women possible to the Republican party, why choose this loser? What does she exemplify?

    1) ignorance: in her own lack of education and in teaching abstinence to her child, who obviously didn’t “get” it… or perhaps she simply followed in her mother’s footsteps by getting pregnant out of wedlock?

    2) hate: the speech Palin gave was filled with hate. She takes out her anger for those “disloyal” by abusing her political power. Wow. What a great lesson to your children. To our children.

    3) Sexism and Racism: This woman is using gender to attract the male vote and calling “foul” on anyone calling her bluff. It’s the same argument that McCain uses for nearly everything he does.

    Do it, deny it, call the other people out for doing what you did before anyone notices.

    As an independent, I nearly voted for McCain in the past. I won’t now.

    Bush has Iraq. Sarah Palin IS Bush WITH A RACK.

    Or perhaps Dick Cheney with Lipstick.

    Posted by nobush3rd | September 7, 2008, 11:08 am
  15. Spread the word about Sarah the killer.

    Posted by Barbara Walling | September 14, 2008, 1:19 pm
  16. She is one scary dude.

    Posted by Barbara Walling | September 14, 2008, 1:20 pm