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US Politics

Once more up to the breach Dear Friends!

In the rough and tumble of winner take all politics, this is definitely not the time for a candidate to hide one’s light under a bushel. Even when it is such a gentleman as Barack Obama.

Now the battle for the Democratic Party nomination really begins! After winning 13
States compared with Clinton’s 8 on Super Tuesday, Obama can rightly claim to have grabbed America’s attention. With convention delegate numbers virtually even, Hope is still in good shape! From now on Obama needs to empower his messages both in advertising and in campaigning by outlining innovative and practical solutions to America’s problems.

He needs to constantly remind voters of  his impressive abilities, including elected experience in both State and Federal office and of his values and vision for America’s future and how they exist in stark contrast with those of his opponent.

The point of no return has arrived. Winning every remaining state must remain the campaign focus and objective. Mr Obama could boost voter confidence by depicting how an Obama White House would function on behalf the American people at home, in International Affairs and in its relations with the United Nations. If growing voter support and unprecedented voting turnouts are any indicator, increasing numbers of Americans are beginning to salivate at the prospect of an Obama Presidency in 2009. The rest of the world is too!



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