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Ohio’s Marcy Roars at $ Avarice $

The collapse of the country’s financial system is nothing short of a national emergency.

“Wall Street”
The 1987 movie starring Michael Douglas as the ficticious Wall Street broker, Gordon Gekko, whose marketing mantra was “greed is good”.

Avarice = noun:  Extreme greed for material wealth; reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth : “personified as one of the deadly sins”.  

”The Titanic”

The official enquiry found the Titanic’s excessive speed was to blame for the disaster:

The Finding: “The Court, having carefully enquired into the circumstances of the above mentioned shipping casualty, finds, for the reasons appearing in the Annex hereto, that the loss of the said ship was due to collision with an iceberg, brought about by the excessive speed at which the ship was being navigated”.

Dated this 30th day of July, 1912 MERSEY, Wreck Commissioner.

A Telling Thoughts comment:

“Unnecessary speed sank the Titanic. The words from the findings of the 1912 enquiry into the tragedy need to resonate powerfully with America’s politicans. Speed is the enemy of good judgement. Unjustifiable speed in approving President Bush’s rushed and flawed Republican bail out proposal as a salve to Wall Street in the current crisis, will most assuredly wreck and dash the hopes of the American people, long into the future. The collapse of the country’s financial system is nothing short of a national emergency. Maximum political commitment is now critical in a bipartisan way to consider all options, including regulatory strategies and specific future supervisory mechanisms, to not only alleviate the most urgent of the current problems but also as a first step towards creating a new, transparent financial system”.  JH.


The Voice of the Taxpayer * by Stephen Guilland in Portland

“It is almost laughable listening to The Bush economic team playing the worn-out, dog-eared, tear-stained fear card as they push Congress for a total, blind acceptance of their bail-out package.Congress however, to their bipartisan credit (or maybe their mutual instinct for political survival ) – ain’t buyin’.

Even the most rabidly Wall Street friendly politician has figured out that the American public is unsympathetic in the extreme to picking up the tab for a bunch of overpaid banking executives who, for the past eight years at least, have been gambling like drunken sailors on shore leave.

Sailors who borrowed the wasted money from their buddies, and know they are going to get their asses righteously kicked when they stagger back to the ship.However they still have money.They didn’t gamble away their OWN money, of course.They are drunk and arrogant, not stupid.Now they are asking their buddies in the Shore Patrol, the ones who looked the other way as they caroused, to pass the hat among the disgusted onlookers (taxpayers) to bail them out of their self-inflicted jackpot. Because the ship can’t sail without them (taxpayers)”. This comment was posted by Stephen on the (Oregonians for Obama) group 23rd September 2008.

The People’s Representative Roars ( 5min)

“Let’s Play Wall Street Bailout” * Rep. Marcy Kaptur (Dem) Ohio 

Now that truly is the voice of the people speaking. Marcy Kaptur you are magnificent. 

Now all the country needs is a President Obama.

Good Luck USA

Go Obama Yes we can



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  1. There is something very suspicious about this.
    Many of my friends predicted a second calamity the likes of 9/11 in the weeks leading up to election day. A homeland security incident of great impact was the only thing that might save McCain’s ailing campaign by mobilizing patriotic emotions instead of rational thoughts.
    This may be the event we suspected was in the planning office of Messrs Rove and Co.
    Thank heavens there is such vociferous support for a closer look, a slower more thought-through solution to the mess we have allowed the unsupevised children to make.
    We must all pay attention this week – believe nothing until we have triple-checked the sources. No news outlet is to be trusted.
    These are truly interesting times.

    Posted by mark brennan | September 24, 2008, 1:54 pm
  2. John, thank you for that telling video. God Bless Marcy for having our backs. In truth, I have been perplexed at what solution is the best, not having a strong grasp on the crisis itself or what the bailout could mean. But from a simple taxpayer’s point-of-view, I am in awe that I am hearing we should foot the bill to bail out the corporate greed that brought us here, but nothing about giving back all of the foreclosed properties to the people who have lost them.

    The government has within their power to enact similar legislation to that during the Great Depression, where the government bought foreclosed properties and gave the home owners new loans they could afford – reverse mortgage until their wages rise, whatever. I am one of those statistics who have lost their greatest investment because of job loss and lower/stagnant wages.

    Again, we are stuck with a government who puts the wealth and excess of the highest earners of our country above the needs of the average American. And we are at great risk of doing the same thing to ourselves if John McCain gets into office. Someone so far removed from understanding his own wealth and quality of life compared to the rest of us can’t possibly have the capacity to forge the changes needed to improve our economy and effectively lead us out of this mess.

    Posted by Jen Haskill | September 25, 2008, 6:18 am
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