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Obama’s Year for Grand Redemption

Eviction from the Party should be the penalty for Democrats who refuse to support policy objectives previously endorsed by them under the guise of being loyal Democrats.

The Way Things Were

When Barack Obama chose to make a run for the Presidency he knew he could expect little in the way of support from the Democratic Party. They had a candidate and it certainly wasn’t a black man from Chicago with the unusual name of Barack Hussein Obama.  The party hierarchy was confident that a former First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, had real prospects of returning to the White House as America’s first female President. Plus she also had the powerful backing of a popular former President, in her husband Bill Clinton.  Regardless of his unlikely prospects, Barack Obama still decided to pursue the Presidency. His advisers had wanted him to wait another four years. When announcing his decision he explained that he was strongly influenced by the words of Dr Martin Luther King Jnr, who had spoken about the importance  of acting after considering the implications of what he termed – ‘The Urgency of Now’.

The Way Things Are

After eight years in the political wilderness of the Bush & Cheney years and by the end of 2008, Democrats had a majority in both the House and the Senate. Against all the odds, and in spite of the Clinton democratic party machine, Barack Obama regained the White House for the Democrats. Then as if on cue, democrats with an ability for self destruction began to reveal their unwillingness to implement the President’s agenda. The main offenders? They call themselves Blue Dog Democrats. A bunch of state controlled puppets and political misfits who huddle in Washington’s hallways of power and collude. How upsetting this must be for canines including Bo Obama, as man’s best friends, to observe these strange political animals attempt to identify with them by seconding their name. Of course they would be nowhere near as upset as the President should have been publicly, about the sabotaging of his healthcare goals by Senate Blue Dogs.  Based on their  failure to agree on a quality healthcare reform plan, the label ‘Right Wing Rats’ would fittingly describe this pack of party imposters. Apart from lab technicians, pussy cats, and pet rat owners, no one has much time for the rat — especially, that most obnoxious kind – the political rat. Just ask any self respecting, Obama policy supporting, true blue Democrat or Independent.

The Enemy Within

What are these people doing in the Democratic Party? And by the way, whoever suggested that a donkey represent the emblem of the Democratic Party should be congratulated. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being associated with the donkey. Donkeys can do good things. Devout Christians especially appreciate this fact, as well as all travelers who seek a proven means of endurance transport in all terrain. Better than any SUV, and I hear donkeys use very little oil. I digress — I simply wish to make the point that if you traipse around the countryside braying  hee -haw policies and donkey party politics when seeking election as a party representative – then a loyal party representative you must be.  Blue Dog’s acting in breach of this expectation should be required to vote with the Party on critical policy issues. Or else.

Withdraw Future Endorsement

Eviction from the Party should be the penalty for Democrats who continue to refuse to support policy objectives previously endorsed by them under the guise of being loyal Democrats. After two brutally tough years on the road selling his vision to the American people, the President is now fully aware that the Democratic Party is seriously hamstrung and dogged by Blue Dog usurpers acting on behalf of special interests. This conflict of interest explains their motivation to block or neuter key elements of his agenda for America. An agenda upon which he campaigned, and by which he won an overwhelming mandate from the American electorate.

Leadership and Direction Questioned

It has been apparent for some time that Mr Obama in his first year in the White House as America’s Commander in chief, with so much to deal with, did not fully understand what was expected from him as a political leader. Being a great candidate is a horse of a different hue compared to the role of a competent leader. People appreciate that he is a brilliant academic, a fine fellow and a dedicated family man, but these qualities do not by themselves make a successful leader in the rough and tumble of politics. He needs to understand that a successful President will not sit back and let Congress guess at what he will settle for prior to signing legislation into law. After proposing Healthcare reform as his first major policy initiative, this is precisely what President Obama did, and he is paying dearly for this failure as exampled by the recent Republican victory in Massachusetts. Supporters have become disillusioned and early signs of discontent were evidenced by important Democrat losses in the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey. The Obama image currently resembles one of a teacher who walks into a classroom briefly and leaves after giving imprecise information about an important class project, expecting his students (congress) to work and produce a document worthy of  his approval without further input or guidance from the teacher. This is not the profile of a successful leader and in this regard a radical change is necessary.

A Radical Change In Leadership Style is The Answer

For the President to succeed he must immediately deliver a complete change in his approach to leadership. As a leader he must be clear from the outset in communicating what he will accept from Congress and what he will not. He must remind all Americans that he has their mandate for change on important policy issues and that he expects all members of Congress including Republicans to respect the will of the people. He needs to emphatically state that he intends to personally fight for the specific policy proposals he promised to deliver during his campaign in 2008. He must be clear and he must be strong. If so, supporters will be re -energised and hope and confidence in his leadership will be renewed. The upcoming State of the Union address on the 27th January provides him with the ideal forum for a new start, and the opportunity to signal a new leadership style. Now is the time for the President to tell the American people, and the world at large, that his White House induction is over, and that it is time for the Democrats to get on with the people’s business as mandated by the general election results of 2008. In signaling that the rules of the game have changed, he should make it perfectly clear that henceforth – with or without bi -partisan support – the people’s wishes will be done.



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