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Subject: A Statement by Senator Barack Obama

A rebuttal by Barack Obama of the controversial remarks made publicly by the former and now retiring Pastor of Senator Obama’s Church.

While he has made the following statements on this subject via every other form of media, Senator Barack Obama has also appealed to his many supporters to get this video statement in front of as many people as possible. Mr Obama is concerned that everyone should be perfectly clear about how he regards the controversial statements made by the retiring Rev. Wright of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ.

Play 3.35 minutes.

American FlagA statement by Senator Barack Obama

  • A summary of Senator Obama’s statement
  • Mr Obama stated that he vehemently disagrees with Rev Wright’s statement.
  • He finds Rev Wright’s remarks to be inflammatory and appalling.
  • Having listened carefully to the statement – He rejects it outright.
  • Senator Obama said he believes the remarks have the capacity to divide the community and degrade people. He said such remarks are contary to his own belief’s.
  • Mr Obama said that in the 20 years he had been a member of the church he had never heard such views expressed either from the pulpit or in private by Rev.Wright and he totally condemned the remarks.
  • The Senator said that in contrast to views expressed by Rev Wright, Senator Obama loved his country and that views about America expressed by Rev Wright were his own, and are in contradiction to those held by the Senator himself.
  • In making a vital point the Senator said that all of the claims by Rev Wright were a matter for him and do not in any way reflect the views or position of Senator Obama.
  • Mr Obama said that he wanted the American people to judge him for who he is, his values, his good judgement and his proven experience.

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  1. I feel that Obama has dealt with this entire issue in the best way he could, maintaining his own standards, and integrity, while having to fend off political attacks from all angles and this country’s very right-wing media.

    I personally feel that religion should not be an issue in a Democratic Campaign and am stunned by the attention this has received.

    But I am one who does not believe that politics and religion mix. The Constitution maintains we’re allowed to have freedom in our choice of religious expression, and I believe there are very good reasons for that.

    This is meant to be a country of diversity, and I personally prefer it that way. If I wanted to live in a country where everyone was forced to follow the same set of beliefs or dogma, that is where I would be.

    This is the United States of America. Let’s practice what we “preach.”

    Thank you for your insights John. As usual, very helpful and thoughtful.

    Posted by Ritz | March 25, 2008, 11:20 am
  2. I really did not like the video, although I passed it along. I saw Obama lose all his confidence and self assurance and apologize to a white bigoted audience, when neither he nor Wright committed any wrongs.

    I do not watch TV and was not interested in seeing the web copies of the Fox news tape. I lived in Ku Klux Klan territory~and no not back in the 1950s, the 1990s~in Pennsylvania and that tape was made deliberately to defame both Wright and Obama’s character.

    Much like Emmett Till, the mob, quickly reacted, judged and condemned on the word of a white person. If Wright was white, the public would be ho hum about it.

    Senator Obama has already been threatened with death lynching and this whole affair disgusts me. Some African/Americans are already bearing the brunt of this with the White Supremacists smug superiority.

    I would not blame Senator Obama and Michelle for withdrawing from the contest. I am glad they are hanging in there. But I am afraid Clinton has too badly damaged his character and diminished his reputation in a bigoted country that my hope for a better future for my grandchildren and children globally is gone.

    Posted by mary | March 28, 2008, 12:41 pm
  3. I think the speech Barack Obama gave on race and religion and the Reverend Wright, summed up very well the long-standing race issues that are still prevalent in this country.

    It was past due time, someone stood up and addressed these issues, unabashedly. That speaks well of our future President!

    It is time for America to start facing the pain, healing the wounds and moving forward, on all sides.

    If it isn’t addressed, it can’t be healed.

    Posted by Cami | March 28, 2008, 4:13 pm