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Obama At DNC / An Historic 2004 Prediction

Telling Thoughts

Immediately following Illinois State Senator Barack Obama’s DNC Convention keynote speech in 2004, Lincoln Library historian Richard Norton Smith, a guest on PBS Newshour said: “Forget unite us and divide us, tonight we heard from a transcender. This guy’s going places. He gave us a whole new vision of the United States. People talk about him quite openly as the first black president of the United States'”.

As Americans consider GOP candidates to contest the 2012 Presidential election they need to be reminded of the quality of leadership, steadfastness, and dedication, that President Obama brought to the Oval office since his speech of such promise was delivered to the Democratic National Convention in 2004.

In a world undergoing great change and financial uncertainties, Mr Obama clearly understands what needs to be done if voted a final term. It is an imperative in world terms, that this sound man remains in the Oval office to commence rebuilding America’s infrastructure, begins the job of restoring the middle class, and seeks options and opportunities for citizens across  the board in addition to within programs being developed via the initiative of the Federal government.


The PBS Newshour Review Prediction

The Obama Keynote Address to 2004 DNC Convention  17 mins


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