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Obama 08 – An Australian Perspective

Right on track, the Obama 08 express is gathering a head of steam and real traction. If this were a 1930 ‘s campaign train, one could imagine US rail lines reverberating to the cacophony of voices echoing the Obama rallying call – Yes we can! – Yes we can! – Yes we can!. FDR’s people would know the feeling. Barack Obama’s motivating catchcry signals a burgeoning grassroots movement which is inspired by hope and powered by belief. Americans, particularly a growing number of young Americans now believe they have reason to hope. Many endowed with their first voting opportunity are determined to make history and achieve positive change via this people powered Democratic political movement. Nothing like it has ever been seen before. Actively involved in campaigning activities and in encouraging people to vote, they want to make an important personal contribution to their country. Siezing the moment, they are determined to claim this rare opportunity to shape their own future with unabashed enthusiasm and electrifying vigour. It is uplifting to observe the Obama Democrats engaging in their personal crusade to secure a better life for all Americans.

… no one could possibly doubt their commitment to seeing him elected as the next President of the United States…

It is also inspiring to see so many from diverse backgrounds uniting with one voice to express belief in Barack Obama and what he represents. And no one could possibly doubt their commitment to seeing him elected as the next President of the United States. Contrary to what one individual tried to infer in Iowa, this is no fairytale! If it had been, then this script could not have been better written, nor the timing of the Obama campaign more appropriate to deal with the country’s needs. Barack Obama as President is precisely the type of leader the world could relate to, respect and most importantly, trust.

No other candidate offers such potential and hope for America’s future. His arrival at this troubled time in world affairs is incredibly fortunate for people everywhere. In Barack Obama, America has a rare opportunity to elect a man who offers the promise of being a great President. He is a man for his time, a man whose character and beliefs reflect the very best of America’s spirit and values. The task of restoring respect for the Office of The President of the United States and the country’s moral authority and leadership around the world will not be easy, it will take time and the diplomatic skills of an exceptional person as President.

In Barack Obama’s arrival, providence has provided such a man. Now it is in the interests of everyone around the world to join with our American friends and hope that they will be successful in voting for change we can all believe in! Senator Kennedy was right. “The winds of change are beginning to stir across the America from the Atlantic to the Pacific”. Freedom loving people around the world are also saying, Yes you can! Yes you can! Yes you can!. Go Obama!



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