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Last Stop Hillary / The Obama Train is leaving

The John Edwards endorsement day * May 14th 2008 

It seems only yesterday that the Democrat nominee contenders were on stage making their case for their Party’s nomination. Today the John Edward’s endorsement of Barack Obama can now be added to the earlier strategic and equally politically important endorsements of Senator Chris Dodd and Governor Bill Richardson. All three originally contenders themselves, all now united in strong support of an Obama Presidency.

John Edwards endorsement at Grand Rapids Michigan – 1 min

This is significant, in that it represents more than half of the original nominee contenders and brings into question the judgement and party loyalty of Hillary Clinton . She and her urgers believe she should press on with her badly managed, debt ridden campaign, so in her words, people can have their vote count. Count towards what? Only the superdelegates vote will count now. What nonsense and dishonesty.

Think about it. This is not anything more than a political party contest to decide a candidate.  People in the few remaining states and one territory are not being disenfranchised if proceedings stop now. This is not the general election. It is quite clear that Clinton wants the rules changed to deny Obama his chance. 

The party should ask the Superdelegates to make up their mind and commit. Then Barack could take at least a week off to rest up, before taking on McCain all the way to November. It would also give him more time to build support from Hillary supporters and he will be equally successful in that task.

Hillary! The Obama train is getting up steam for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. There is limited time for you to do the right thing by yourself, your party and your country. Perhaps you have forgotten how. One never knows though – Ours is the Hope train!


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