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Australian Politics

Kevin – What were you thinking?

In the middle of a Presidential domestic election campaign.  The Australian government via its actions and statements must appear unbiased

The scene of the recently elected Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd on his first official visit to the USA anointing George W Bush as an honorary citizen of Queensland  – the home state of the PM as well as yours truly, was bad enough, but the TV images of Rudd meeting publicly and restating his friendship with Hillary Clinton did, as Clint Eastwood would have put it; “Not make my day”.

I cannot apologise for our Prime Minister.  But the American people do deserve an apology from the man himself. However being the generous nation and ally you are, I expect you will put it down to his inexperience.  Anyhow let’s not delude ourselves, Australian Prime Ministers, though they would have us believe otherwise, actually exert only marginal influence in the world of real politics. This is Mr Rudd’s first major excursion abroad as Prime Minister. A three week sojourn to put the Australian Government’s views on issues including Iraq and Afghanistan etc. before the US President and leaders of other western countries.

A former career diplomat, Kevin Rudd is a very bright person who unusally for a western politician, is fluent in mandarin Chinese. With this professonial background and his pre -election experience in being the Opposition’s spokesman on Foreign Affairs, I was quite surprised by his sudden intrusion into US domestic politics at this critical juncture in the Democratic Party’s contest for a general election nominee. In particular his 40 minute meeting with Clinton and their later joint media appearance.

Oh, Kevin she saw you coming. It was Clinton who wanted to look good. You were the only port in her raging storm of ugly controversy. You became her trophy. Believe me mate, if she was looking like the Democrat nominee, instead of more like a loser with no credibility, she would have sent word she was unable to see you at this time.  

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