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Karen & the Obama Spirit

Fifteen minutes later, Karen found herself in the back having a private audience with Senator Clinton.

Telling Thoughts Comment: Today I found this great posting from Marla (Ma Renut of Las Vegas) on the Nevada for Obama Group site. It is a wonderful story of the dedication of a true Obama believer called Karen Benzer. Just had to share it with you. Well done Ma Renut. JH

 The Ma Renut Posting to Obama Groups

Hello All!  Some of you may be aware of the 50-state Obama Yearbook project spearheaded by our own Karen Benzer of Henderson. This was a massive undertaking that collected the pictures, stories, and signatures of Obama volunteers and staff from all over the country who have been involved in this campaign effort. The book was finished and being prepared for print when Karen went to see Hillary Clinton speak two days ago at Green Valley High School.

Karen was impressed by Senator Clinton’s speech and waited around afterward to meet her and get a picture with her. Karen is confined to a wheelchair and was having difficulty getting close enough to make her request. A staffer helped her and when Karen got to Senator Clinton, she told her about the Obama yearbook project and asked her if she (Senator Clinton) would add a final note to the book in the spirit of unity.

Fifteen minutes later, Karen found herself in the back having a private audience with Senator Clinton. Not only did Sen. Clinton pose for a picture with Karen (who was wearing her Obama t-shirt) specifically for the book, but she took Karen’s email address so she could send a special message to be included along with the picture.

Additionally, campaign staffers in Chicago contacted Karen a couple of months ago for more information about the project.  As of this writing, the book is at press and 20,000 copies will be available at convention in Denver. Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Obama campaign.

Unity. 🙂

It all started with an idea. And hope. BRAVO, Karen Benzer!

If you would like to send a note of congratulations to Karen, she is at karenbenzer@hotmail.com.

Sincerely, Marla


Telling Thoughts Email to Karen ** 11/8/08

Dear Karen,
Just read about your wonderful efforts in producing the Obama Year Book. Please accept my congratulations and very best wishes.This has been an outstanding effort. I am sure Barack will be thrilled, and I certainly hope you get to meet him personally. You deserve it.I am an Australian who uses his website to write in support of Barack. In February I wrote The Power of One ( a profile on Barack ) which I have been told has been used on occasions to motivate Obama  volunteers all over the United States. I hope it gives you a lift also. Congratulations once again.
Go Karen – Go Obama. Yes you can. 
The Power of One

Best Wishes from Australia

email: john@tellingthoughts.com
website: www.tellingthoughts.com


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