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It’s the Washington Way!

Former Republican Senator Bob Dole claimed that Barack Obama’s supporters appeared to be a cult led by some sort of Pied Piper?  

Yesterday on MSNBC national television,former Republican Senator Bob Dole
claimed that Barack Obama ‘s supporters appeared to be a cult led by some sort of  
Pied Piper? 

What is going on here? First we saw Bill Clinton, a Democrat and disgraced former President, saying to the media in Iowa, “Now c’mon, this is a fairytale” when dismissing Obama’s win.

He kept repeating this obvious slight on Obama right up to the South Carolina Primary. Then to his chagrin, Obama convincingly won that contest by an even bigger margin. When Clinton realised what the growing public outcry about his conduct was doing to his wife’s numbers in the polls, he suddenly became a lot less visible and a lot more devious.

When Bob Dole called Obama a “Pied Piper” during an interview highlighting the growing momentum of the Obama campaign I suddenly recalled the famous fairytale of our childhood. “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”.  How the hero of the story was hired by the authorities to get rid of all of the rats in town. When he succeeded and asked to be paid, they reneged on the deal – etc.

The point being, that Barack only wants to change Washington. Getting rid of all the rats in that town? Now that would be a fairytale! More like mission impossible. What is it with Mssrs Dole and Clinton and their seeming obsession with fairytales and Senator Obama.

Obviously Bob Dole’s insinuation was designed to scare, smear, and create doubt in the minds of potential Obama voters. No lesser authorities than Machiavelli himself and the dishonoured Republican President Richard Nixon could appreciate the baseness of Dole’s motives. By snide inference he is really saying that people who say they want change, must belong to a cult. A statement which says a lot more about Mr Dole’s current state of mind and his paucity of ethics, while confirming how worried the political dinosaurs of Washington are becoming about Obama’s progress.

Whether he realises it, Bob Dole has insulted many decent people simply because they have exercised their right to support someone other than his preferred candidate. Believing that his friend John McCain could defeat Mrs Clinton, Dole’s flawed strategy was to try and checkmate Obama. That’s easier said than done.

This is precisely what people everywhere have come to expect from the old style of politics. In the USA it’s just more Washington inuendo. Which is why people want CHANGE!

Fortunately the comments by Bob Dole and Bill Clinton will not resonate with the electorate. They represent the politicians of the past. If anything this will only increase people’s resolve to see Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America in January 2009.

A new day is dawning in American politics. Change will bring new people, new ways of thinking, renewal, hope for the future and over time, positive results. The rest of world can’t wait either.

The reality is that both Bob Dole and Bill Clinton in their younger days, would have felt just as passionately about change as Obama and his supporters do today. It is easy to understand how years of doing things the Washington way could wear some people down, make them more cynical, combative, less politically courageous and as history has shown, sometimes even worse.

As Obama has always maintained. It’s the Washington Way. And it has to change!



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  1. Well said! I’m glad to see that Senator Obama’s message of hope is being heard and appreciated around the world. If this is cult, count me in!

    Posted by M. Jacobs | February 14, 2008, 10:45 am
  2. Great blog John. Very insightful comparison to the “Pied Piper” and Barack Obama.

    I can’t tell you how excited we are about the posibility that Obama will become the next President. Seeing how his campaign has energized America is one thing, but seeing this effect on people around the world really drives his message home.

    I feel like we’re on the cusp of a major shift in politics that may effect how people view their politicians around the world. Common citizens will be more engaged in their government and will expect more out of them and will hold them accountable (looks like they may start working on impeachment hearings for Bush/Cheney :P)

    Thank you for taking interest in our political process. Millions of Obama fans are working hard trying to get his message out and to get people to vote for him. His movement is growing and you can feel the changes already starting to occur. No longer are we sheep watching American Idol, now we are citizens who share ownership in the decisions our government makes.

    I’ve never been prouder than the moment I got to vote for Obama in the South Carolina primaries. My wife is in a wheel chair due to complications with Multiple Sclerosis and it’s the first time in seven years she’s cried tears of joy.

    Wish us luck. Bear with us while we work to fix all the crap that Bush messed up.


    Posted by Scott in South Carolina | February 14, 2008, 11:30 am
  3. John, I have been reading all of your articles/posts and I love what you have to say and how you say it. Thanks so much for your support of our guy Barack! We appreciate all enthusiasm and support of our friends outside the U.S. Keep up the great work!

    Posted by Ritz | February 14, 2008, 12:01 pm
  4. Well, it’s just because neither Bob Dole, nor either Clinton for that matter, has ever seen the enthusiasm the 18-30 year old crowd can have for individual. Or, they just don’t remember themselves at that age. As a 49 year old white woman (supposedly someone else’s demographic) who teaches at a University, I have to say their unbridled energy is fantastic. I am with them completely. No candidate has ever created policy that will directly impact college students. No one has ever asked for their service (is the Peace Corps still around?) or input to policy before. They matter now. Four years ago, they stayed home and Bush was elected again. So, if it looks like a cult to old eyes, so be it. Obama’s speechwriter is 26. Go figure.

    Posted by Barbara McCarren | February 14, 2008, 1:05 pm
  5. That is a fantastic video and sums up all of his positive qualities together. Terrific.

    Posted by Ritz | March 2, 2008, 3:24 pm