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Iran’s Genie Unloosed

A powerful cause for democracy now has roots and attempts to oppress it will only make it stronger.

A Genie for Democracy

The genie of democratic protest unloosed by the people of Iran in support of claims concerning corruption of their Presidential vote, may appear to be back in the bottle in the eyes of the country’s regime due to its use of lethal force against those seeking electoral  justice.  However history suggests that once a genie for change is unloosed it is nigh  impossible to return to the status quo.

The Die is Cast

A powerful cause for democracy now has roots and further attempts to oppress it will only make it stronger. No amount of force and thuggery orchestrated by by Iran’s repressive religious dictatorship can stem the growing concern within its ranks and the rising tide of shocked negative public opinion. The die for systemic change in the politics of Iran appears to be cast and paid for in the blood of innocent protesters.

Murder by Ayotollah Decree

To many in Iran who support change, the concept of democracy is not dismissed as the product of some vague western philosophy. The murderous acts and decrees currently ordered by Ayotollah Khamenei and his puppet President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, against people to maintain the status quo of political power, guarantees that real change is on the people’s wish list – permanently. Their bitter experience clearly shows that dictatorships only survive by candidate selection and brute force – not through democratic  election.

The Standard for Democracy

To a growing number of educated young people, the future leaders of Iran, the right to choose democracy as the way forward for their country represents an idea whose time has come. It appears that they have planted their political standard for a new Iran. The murder of young university students reveals who Iran’s unelected authorites really fear. Regardless of what  Ayotollah Khamenei says in the turbulent weeks and months ahead, he and his cronies are doomed to  fail. The Iranian people have chartered a new democratic course for their future.

A Flower of Iran Cut Down

As the fatality count grows, one name will be long remembered as a heroine of the Iranian people’s resistance. The name of Neda Agha Soltanti. The tragedy which befell Neda in Tehran last weekend was flashed around the world on You Tube following the 27 year old student being shot in the chest to lay dying in the street. In the absence of  banned foreign media to record the scene, her excruciating and bloody death was captured on a camera phone. Those devastating images of Neda’s dying moments revealed to the world the mortal danger involved in participating in a peaceful protest in Iran under the present regime.

We weep for Neva.

Neda’s Legacy

The name and memory of Neda is being adopted as the rallying force for the protest movement in Iran to honour those souls who have paid the ultimate price as a result of  Iran’s  tyranny against its people. President Obama was right when he informed Iran that the world is watching. We are, and we are many. May I invite you to show your support for the people of Iran in their protest for justice and fair elections.

Let them know that they are not alone. For a free Iran, change must be the watchword!


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  1. We in the U.S.A. over 45-50 years old can remember the struggle of our black brothers and sisters in the 1960’s. Now we have a great example of what a person can do given the opportunity in our very dear President Obama. I urge Iran’s leaders to get smart join with your people and you will also make history. Dont fight it, change comes, embrace it, support it ,and you too will grow.
    Change is a sure thing, do it your way, it can be peaceful and will be by your value system. You are a great country, show your strength to the world, love your countrymen, show us all that you are strong and secure enough to do this. To Iran’s people, don’t let your dream die, you have started something that will be historic and the change you seek will come.

    Posted by Barbara | June 24, 2009, 7:02 am
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