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In Answer to Antonia!

Dear Obama Friends

While the United States of America sinks deeper into a quagmire of escalating war cost and trade deficit debt.

The email

In the early hours of last Monday morning I received an email from my Obama friend Antonia Mosqueda, a delightful and intelligent Barack supporter, from the Lone Star state of you know where. I was prepping another article in support of Barack when her note  pinged its arrival into my occasionally uncooperative PC. After scanning the brief details containing a request, I knew if I didn’t immediately reply, it would mean hours of delay in responding. That’s not me if time permits.

It is so easy to become lost in space and time when writing. Once words begin to flow you dare not stop. They’re like rice paddies blurring by as a Shinkasen train bullets past Fujiyama enroute to Osaka. Lose your word momentum and the narrative turns into a train wreck. 

 Seeds of an afterthought

I digress. Five minutes after replying to Antonia’s email I scribbled out a second dispatch to her and immediately hit – send! This time I was the one making a request. It was  actually just an afterthought. One of those spontaneous things. Then I thought, will this be of interest to anyone? Or perhaps I should admit something and wait for the men in the white coats!  This is what happened.

In my second email I suggested to Antonia we consider sharing that morning’s email exchanges between us with other Barack supporters. I mused that it might inspire confidence in others and a desire to donate, volunteer, to join Obama groups or to make new Obama friends. A chance to be involved in something bigger than simply supporting a political party. To actually give of one’s self to belong and contribute to a movement for positive change.  A unique and diverse movement with a longed for potential to heal America – and thereby change the world. Yes we can.

We wanted to demonstrate that as Obama friends and complete strangers living half a world away, we are but one example of what a strong shared belief in a good and common cause can achieve. Through sharing this one email experience we hope to    provide a slight insight into what enthusiastic and hard working Obama supporters are doing every day across America, and around the world.  Yes we can.

The underlying message

As you will see, this story is not so much about the subject of our emails. It has more to do with the underlying message highlighting the loss of something important in today’s world And that is trust. Trust between people, trust between governments and a loss of trust in the integrity of many of those incumbent in goverment. Trust. It is a bond which can be restored when people of good heart and intent combine and commit to a worthy purpose. From whence -Anything  is possible! Yes we can.
Now the future beckons and it will not be denied, regardless of the false claims and ambitions of some political pretenders. Those who would maintain the status quo, while the United States of America the world’s leading democracy, sinks deeper into a quagmire of escalating war cost and trade deficit debt. America is at the crossroads. The people know and feel its pain. Some politicians forget. The people are the country!  

A raison d’etre

This simple story is our salute to those amazing souls who have volunteered from every walk of life and many for the first time,without reference to age,race,colour,creed or religion, to come together to create their own movement for change. The Obama movement is their movement. The paucity of the state of the Nation’s affairs has demanded that the people of America speak. And they have, as never before. Providentially a leader, the right leader, Barack Obama has answered.  As Oprah Winfrey said so prophetically, “He is the One”.

Years from now, this generation of Americans for change, will look back with pride and know they have served their country admirably in a time of great need. The entire world will agree! Yes we can!

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  1. John, thanks for the thought and consideration you put towards writing this post.

    ~The yellow rose

    Posted by Antonia | March 21, 2008, 8:29 am
  2. That is indeed what this campaign is all about, is inspiring one another to contribute in whatever way they can.

    What a thoughtful and provocative exchange. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with all of us.

    Posted by Ritz | March 21, 2008, 5:35 pm