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Hillary * The Norma Desmond of Politics

She conducts her campaign on the assumption that if she tells enough lies they will somehow become the reality

A Telling Thoughts Note..

Throughout this campaign Hillary Clinton has repeatedly tried to change and dictate the ground rules of the nomination process. She continues to plead, ad nauseum, that only she can do the job as President, and claims skills she clearly does not possess – and much more.

Observing her behaviour during the past 15 months throughout the daily grind of a campaign and by close examination, many would agree that Hillary Clinton suffers deep personal and personality problems – driven by her desire for power, and an unhealthy right of passage attitude to her occupying the Oval Office.

Her unbalanced behaviour clearly demonstrates extreme levels of self delusion and untrustworthniness. She conducts her campaign on the assumption that if she tells enough lies they will somehow become the reality. In her condition, they actually become her truth, and the Bosnia sniper fire episode, a pure fiction, is only one example. This is truly psycho stuff from Hillary Clinton. JH.

An example of Self Delusion in Real life…

Video One —

1950 * The Sunset Boulevard * – Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond – 3 mins

Video Two — Hillary Clinton’s imagined Sunset Boulevard — 2 min 7 sec

An actor playing the role of an imagined Hillary Clinton revisiting the same scene, suggesting that Clinton’s self possessed behaviour and refusal to accept reality is similar to that evidenced by Gloria Swanson in the part of Norma Desmond.

The New York Times
17th May 2008
Julie Bosman

But Mrs. Clinton continued to make her case to super delegates, perhaps her only hope, in a race in which she is behind Barack Obama in pledged delegates, super delegates, money raised, and states won.

She repeated a claim made in Oregon on Friday – that she is leading in the popular vote by more than 50,000 votes.

“Right now I am leading in the popular vote,” she said. “More Americans have voted for me.”

Mo Elleithee, a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, said she arrived at that conclusion by including the votes in Florida and Michigan.

Mr. Obama’s name was not on the ballot in Michigan; neither candidate campaigned in Florida. The Democratic National Committee has stripped those states of their delegates as punishment for jumping ahead of the early-states’ primaries.

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  1. By end of the day, it’s a good thing that we’ll have a nominee

    Posted by Ken | May 18, 2008, 11:00 pm
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