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Healthcare & The Public Option

In his address to Congress on Wednesday, President Obama must stand firm on the need for a public option in Healthcare to provide clarity and to keep his supporters united and motivated. Any tainted compromise he may be ill advised to make on Healthcare would represent a great loss for the American people and be instantly claimed as a victory by his opponents.

The President must make it clear that he will refuse to sign any bill which fails to provide an unburdened public option (not one which involves trigger attachments and other restrictive devices). One hopes he will make full use of the Presidential bully pulpit to rally all Americans (many republican voters also need better healthcare options) to make it unmistakably clear that he will fight for quality healthcare legislation — whatever it takes — and for however long it takes – and that he will never accept some adhoc politically compromised bill, which simply maintains the status quo with no chance of delivering the vital healthcare improvements the American people deserve. 

A fight is not always won in the first round. On Wednesday, Barack Obama must plant his Healthcare standard once and for all. His entire Presidency will be coloured, measured and historically judged by the resulting effect of his words on that day.

I have a feeling that the real Healthcare battle is just beginning. Now it is up to every committed American to rally around their President and be clear about what they are prepared to do to achieve their healthcare goals.


Go Obama – Yes you can



An uplifting 7 minute video of President Obama’s closing remarks at the AFL – CIO picnic.


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