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Cometh the Hour / Cometh the Man

 What you see with Obama, is what you get. How refreshing is that?

A Man for the Times

I have been writing in support of Barack Obama since the end of January this year. When I wrote The Power of One as an Obama profile in early February, I sensed that I was writing about someone who was very special. A man who in every way embodied and exampled the words of every sentence in every paragraph I scribed. It made the task so much easier. In other words what you see with Obama, is what you get. How refreshing is that?

I am no newcomer to the parry and thrust of political adventures, yet in my gut, I knew the words fitted him like a pair of well worn gloves on a pair of very safe hands. Words come more easily when one speaks with true belief. Nothing about Obama in the profile needed manufacture. It ended up a simple construct of what I had seen, read and carefully measured about the man, especially his ability to connect with people. When it was finished I was comfortable, particularly because of its lack of exaggeration. And now much later and in the face of all of his challenges, my opinion has not changed about Barack Obama, either as a man, or as a potentially great President. He is the man for the times. And today, The Seattle Times agrees. 

Two excerpts from “The Power of One” 16th February 2008

1.. Qualifications

Only one candidate has satisfactorily demonstrated the type of skills and leadership qualities people quite rightfully expect to see in a candidate for the office of President. Specifically, in Obama’s overwhelming favour these include: His sound policy positions, diplomatic skills, political skills, sage judgement, people skills, personal ethics, temperament, proven management skills and at 47 yrs, his age advantage, considering the work load and pressures involved in managing the most demanding job in the world”.

2.. A Sense of Security

 “Around the globe people are beginning to feel more safe, more connected and more positive about the future at the prospect of an Obama Presidency. Ask anyone in any country, anywhere. Polls are confirming it. People of all age, race, colour, creed and religion have joined together as one, to work and volunteer, most for the first time, to help bring positive change. The ripple effect of this positive momentum is building like a tsunami as it reaches out and begins to touch the lives of people everywhere. It feels like an election for a world President”. end of quotes.

A Steady Hand on the Ship of State

Just the kind of safe hands America needs over the next eight years to right the ship of state after eight years of the worst Presidency in living memory.The safe hands and clear thinking Obama will employ to chart a new course to restore confidence in the economy through workable policy injections and targeted regulation within segments of America’s financial markets. Measures specifically designed to kickstart and rebuild a vibrant and improved economic model from the entrails of a wrecked and crooked financial system. Americans can thank the Republican Party and John McCains’s vote, for stripping away item by item, important regulatory powers in a crazy ideological push for full deregulation of the financial system. Republican foxes raiding the chicken coop. Thanks John McCain. Bon Voyage George.

The Engine and Heart of every Economy / Small Business

As the founder and former national chairman of the Australian Free Enterprise Foundation, I recognise something that many Republicans really need to consider. The simple economic reality that free enterprise at any price, especially one of being totally deregulated, is too high a price to pay. The spirit of enterprise is worth encouraging but without guiding principles it inevitably produces chaos. Small Business is the engine which drives most economies. It is the font of the majority of original innovation and it thrives in an environment of fair competition. Total deregulation of an economy  ends up creating monopolies through acquisition which ends up choking off variety and innovation. The results are plain to see. Walmart is a prime example. This monolith exports American jobs and American capital and detests the idea of organised American labour. What a fine friend and customer for China!

Only One man Qualifies

Not wishing to repeat of the horror of the Bush Presidency, Americans now accept and appreciate the urgent need for a different type President. Barack Obama gives them hope. In him, they recognise someone who is  intelligent, contemplative and balanced.  Someone with the ability to think, to study, and someone who understands and respects the law and will defend the constitution. A man with the temperament to handle pressure and the workload involved, and someone who they trust as a first option, would always choose diplomacy over militancy in settling differences.

The Media is finally Getting It

With only 44 days remaining until November 4th, you can imagine how pleased I was to read the following editorial board endorsement of Obama for President from The Seattle Times today. I noticed it shortly before finishing this article. We could have told them this about Barack a long time ago.

The Seattle Times endorsement

“At a time of huge challenge, the candidate with the intelligence, temperament and judgment to lead our nation to a better place is Sen. Barack Obama. Obama should be the next president of the United States because he is the most qualified change agent. Obama is a little young, but also brilliant. If he sometimes seems brainy and professorial, that’s OK. We need the leader of the free world to think things through, carefully. We have seen the sorry results of shooting from the hip”. end of quote.

It’s about time the media got serious about the issues. To date the mainstream media has been totally irresponsible and disrespectful of the election process. McCain and Palin must speak for themselves. No more free passes for McCain please. The American people deserve to see John McCain rigorously questioned. Barack Obama has been tested, time and time again. It is McCain’s turn.

Go Obama Yes we can










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  1. Beautiful !!! I wish EVERYONE could see this – including those thinking about marking an X for McCain …..

    Posted by Donna Kilpatrick | September 21, 2008, 9:44 am
  2. John, your words radiate truth and warmth and show what an emotional election this really is for all of us on the planet. I’m so grateful you continue to comment on this election and Barack. It is commentary well deserved.

    I should update you on our progress here. It seems Wisconsin is maintaining its ‘Leaning Obama’ status, and in Madison, Milwaukee, and some northern counties near Minnesota it is ALL OBAMA. However I live about miles outside Madison in a fairly rural community. it is a concerning split overall. My little neighborhood favors Obama –in a cluster of homes well-established and numbering about 40 homes. It will be interesting when we canvass all over. I run into people who refuse to speak to me about politics or say we are not ‘ready for a black man in the White House’. and some people say that as well as adding, and we aren’t ready for a woman either!” I am never prepared when I hear those comments because it makes me feel as if we still have throwbacks to the Neanderthal days amongst us. Bigotry and confusion is alive and well– also there are those who are strict PRO-LIFE people.

    Today, however, I spoke with a local Catholic Bishop who is strongly for Obama even though he disagrees with the abortion stance of Obama. He made clear it was critical to look at all the man represents and see the immense good in the ‘whole’ while finding less agreement with some parts. He noted that people who are intense about the abortion issue, viewing it as murder, are somehow able to disengage the connection with other kinds of taking of life we have done in Iraq, for example. It is a concerning puzzle that demonstrates how tunnel vision is at work in so many minds here.

    We are now in the stage when the Republicans are upping their Election Fraud Games: sending out fraudulent and misleading information about Absentee Ballots, telling college students they must vote in their home states or their parents will lose their tax credits and the students will no longer qualify for health coverage they would get if they show a different address from their parents. New registrations are being challenged in all the battleground states because they are mostly students, low-income people and African-americans who are turning out in volume to renew their registrations. So the Republicans are looking for any excuse to throw those votes out. Another tactic is to challenge the votes from people who have fallen prey to the loan industry and are in foreclosure on their homes. They no longer live at their addresses, the Republicans say, so their registrations are invalid. The fallacy of this is that many people are in the process of being foreclosed but not out of their homes yet, so not only are they at risk for a roof over their heads, but are becoming disenfranchised if the rRepublicans have their way. We are combatting these tactics as hard as we can, but it is vicious and we are feeling very anxious the Republicans will ‘steal’ our election again.

    On the brighter side. In a little town of about 25,000, about 4 miles from my home, an Obama HeadQuarters Office has opened, and my team gets to share it! It is the first time in more than 30- years that there has been so much interest in an election that the Democrats felt it would be worth it to open an office so far outside of Madison–and that there would be enough volunteers to take shifts keeping it up and running. We have at least 43 Obama Headquarters offices open in Wisconsin now, compared to 16 in total for Kerry.

    My little team has lots of work to do, though, and too few willing to step up to do the calls and canvassing. I have to have completed 1700 phone calls in the next two weeks! and another of the same amount in the next two! On top of this there is a canvassing event every weekend until Nov. 4th.
    We are looking for supporters so we can contact them to get out the vote in the last two weeks, and to find volunteers to help us accomplish this. It is a monumental effort– and it is going on all over the nation! We also have a voter registration coordinator who is managing a team of deputized voter registrars who have until Oct 15 to register as many new voters as we can find needing registration in our team region! So yes, you were correct, I have a very full plate!

    If this nation knows what is good for it, it will elect this great man our President. I’m always encouraged when I read your posts, thanks for keeping the faith.

    Thank you. I might suggest that your letter would have been better placed and equally welcome in the “Letters to the Editor” segment for the convenience of readers of comments on articles. JH

    Posted by Marcia Riquelme | September 22, 2008, 12:01 pm