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Come Judgement Day

Following the Pennsylvania primary contest between Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton, telephones would have been ringing hot between the 300 plus procrastinating uncommitted Party Superdelegates. 

After all of the debates, all of the caucuses, all of the primaries, all of the expense, all of the public infighting, and the possibility of a Party split of such magnitude, the Republications would be gifted the keys to the White House; the burning question for the Democrat’s fence sitting Superdelegates must be; when should we act and how should we act?  Doing nothing is fast disappearing as an option. Delay is risking everything. And for what!  Playing russian roulette with the Party’s future, is a very dangerous game.

A fictional solution to ponder 

When it came, the answer was so simple they couldn’t believe their ears.  As rare as it is for politicians to agree on anything, this time their verdict was unanimous. The next day  immediately following the North Carolina and Indiana Primaries, Hillary Rodham Clinton received a phone call, followed minutes later by a confirming email. She picked up the phone and rearranged her schedule accordingly.

 The plan of action

On her arrival at the Washington headquarters of the Democratic Party HRC was met by her Philadelphia sponsor and friend Governor Ed Rendell. A Superdelegate himself, Rendell, still flush with Clinton’s success in his State, had been invited to accompany her to a meeting convened by a  select committee appointed to represent the total bloc of uncommitted Superdelegates.

After taking their seats, the Chairman welcomed Senator Clinton and her escort and began by asking Senator Clinton whether she was quite comfortable; she smiled and nodded in agreement.

Seated directly behind Senator Clinton, Governor Rendell grinned and nodded his approval as well, just as he had done at every public appearance in which he was involved. In fact whenever Clinton was on TV my eyes immediately scanned the stage for Ed – and he wasn’t hard to  find.  He has that over the top habit of supplementing a mawkish grin with a nodding action so extreme he risks catapulting his dentures, if he uses them, into the front row!

Everyone agrees

“Senator Clinton” the Chairman began.”The uncommitted Superdelegates agree that this contest has reached a stalemate, in that neither candidate can obtain the delegate count to be the automatic nominee. We believe the time has come to act in unison to resolve the matter in a manner acceptable to the parties concerned. Senator, do you also feel we have reached this point?”

” I do Mr Chairman,” she replied, trying to give her best imitation of seeming Presidential.

The Chairman continued,”We already know that Senator Obama believes that the Party Superdelegates would act responsibly if a log jam of one kind or another had to be cleared, and so for the purposes of this meeting we accept his word on that subject.  And now Senator, I will explain what the committee requires of you, and let me add that the responses you give will have a direct bearing on the committee’s findings and its eventual decision”.

Clinton smiled agreeably – Ed Rendell backed her up – grinning right on cue.

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  1. Thank you, John, for another magnificent piece! What contagious Rapture for most and, for some alas, only the justified misery and agony of hell. O, what a perfect day, what you sow you shall reap! O holy day, where we said no to the enemies of the Soul. Those tyrants who only know how to instill complaceny through condemnation, fear and guilt instead of taking action for real change.

    Our moment in time, here and now, where we say no to the postponement for a richer way of being, having, doing and sharing.
    One fine day where our inner visions manifested outwardly as beacons, torches of that precious Light beyond all darkness-the Audacity of Hope, a l i v e, a n e w, a f r e s h.

    The silent, imperceptible forcefield seemingly unmoving yet moving with infinite speed rippling across & towards ever expanding circles of righteous living. Everywhere its oceanic flavour will have the same taste of a fair humanity, a fair globe, a fair trade starting today and tomorrow.

    Lady Galadriel of ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ sums it all up beautifully. She says:”Change … I smell it in the air, I feel it in the earth, I feel it in the waters.” In touch with that * 0 * Potential, that gentle *0* Equilibrium!

    Let’s go *0*bama*0*8, let’s stay the course. Ours is a compelling force of vigilance, love, grace, respect, dignity, discipline and poise. From Chi Passion’s cauldron of fire, I send you extra ammo of Potency, Urgency, Stealth, Courage, Energy, Prosperity and LaserFocus, O,* YES * WE * CAN Wishing y’all lovely, lovely days.

    Posted by Chi Deva | April 25, 2008, 11:22 pm