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Clinton’s Impossible Dream

The Clintons and the Obamas are polar opposites and assuredly sup at life’s separate tables.

Clinton supporters promoting the idea of Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential running mate do not seem to comprehend that such a relationship could never come to pass. It is nothing more than her impossible dream. It has as much chance as Barack would have had of being her running mate, if their roles were reversed. And for different reasons.

The Clintons and the Obamas are polar opposites and assuredly sup at life’s separate tables. For Barack to accept Hillary Clinton would mean arriving at a decision which contradicts everything he stands for, believes in, and that which he has promised the American people in a future Obama White House. 

Clinton’s association with his Presidency would be a disaster for him. It would taint the image of the new administration from the outset. He would not be able to trust her and he would always need to be on his guard. The American people owe the Clintons nothing and it is time the Clinton brand of politics was dispensed with in exchange for honest, open and responsible government. That would be real change.

A few reasons why Clinton should not be returning to the White House

  • Barack is aware that more than half of the country believes she is untrustworthy.
  • Foreign leaders would feel similarly and this would reflect badly on the USA.
  • The image of his new administration would be sullied from the outset.
  • Obama could never be sure of her. The contrast in approach would be intolerable.
  •  Clinton’s views would be counter to a new approach to American foreign policy.
  • Clinton has revealed a persona inconsistent with being a team player.
  • She has shown complete disregard for rules and perhaps even the rule of law.
  • Clinton has run a poorly planned and managed campaign which is now debt ridden.
  • She has shown poor judgement and failed to retain key staff during her campaign.
  • The Clinton name has a poor image. She has no proven skills of value to Obama.

Clinton’s name is a negative for the Democrats and a positive for the GOP.
Barack Obama needs to be strong on this point and not be bullied by Democrats into believing that he needs Clinton as his running mate to be successful. In fact the reverse is true. If I was running the Republican campaign and wanted to go negative I could dish out all the stuff of the Clinton’s past and then add the current issues of a current fraud trial, the possible use of illegal funds and her incompetency and lack of credibility.

The Republicans will do this and more if the Clinton name appears next to that of Barack Obama. It would engulf Barack’s campaign for the Presidency, and tie him into everything that is corrupt and rotten about the Clinton’s past. That would be enough. You wouldn’t need to play the race card.

Just as Barack was hurt and had to invest an inordinate amount of time defending his position regarding his former Pastor’s remarks and behaviour, so too would he find himself trying to defend his running mate when not a word he was uttering would reflect his true beliefs about the Clintons. The effect of that is obvious, while people would understand he was simply trying to protect a running mate, they would know it wasn’t how he really felt and so anything he might say from that moment on would not ring true.

In other words just by being associated with Clinton, Obama and everything he stands for could be doubted. As the saying goes, you could bet “London to a Brick” that Michelle Obama in the privacy of their home would advise him to tell the  Party that he will choose his own team and that Clinton has proven she is not up to the standard he requires as his Vice President.  She has no more right to be considered than other excellent candidates. On performance alone she would not rate.

Obama needs to be resolute on this issue. If he is to end the Washington ways of doing business he will need a VP he can trust implicitly. Someone who he can depend on to report precisely what is going on.  He can’t change Washington by making it part of his White House. Just as the new President has the job of building relationships across the divide on behalf of his administration so too does his Vice President. No person seeking change would suggest that Hillary Clinton would be listened to by Obama Democrats or Republicans in either the House of Representatives or the US Senate.

 Choosing a running mate other than Hillary Clinton would attract independents and many dissatisfied Republicans as a result of the anti-corruption message it would send about the level of integrity and standards people could expect to see in an Obama administration.

There are a number of first class candidates Obama can consider for his running mate, but first he has to be named the nominee. It just keeps getting better every day!


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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you my friend John. Clinton is every bit as opposite to the idea of change that Mr. Barack Obama brings to washington politics. Hillary represents everything that is old and wrong for America’s future, and consequently the world at large. That is why I wrote this song…please check the link above and drop me a line.

    Brothers in peace…

    Posted by R.Irah | May 16, 2008, 4:28 am
  2. Posted by R.Irah | May 16, 2008, 4:28 am
  3. Dear John,

    You are absolutely right! In my latest blog at mybarackobama.com, I analyzer briefly this issue, and my conclusion is same as you. Ms. Clinton is not the right person to be the VP with Mr. Obama.

    I agree with you that: “Choosing a running mate other than Hillary Clinton would attract independents and many dissatisfied Republicans as a result of the anti-corruption message it would send about the level of integrity and standards people could expect to see in an Obama administration.”

    I hope the Obama team and adviser will read your interesting views.

    Thanks so much for your important contribution from political expert as you.

    Together with Obama, we will win!

    Pathe Sambe

    Posted by Dr. Pathe Sambe | May 17, 2008, 5:14 am
  4. i want he see the old regime.
    the lobbyist or left inteh road politics which clintons are a very big part of, as far from the white house as possible.

    the senior bushes nad clintons are long time good friends

    the DLC lieberman clintons etc founded isnt democratic its a wing of the republicans. should have been denounced by DNC and DFA a long time ago.
    but theye saw clintons as only hope before Obama came on the scene? maybe

    and its very clear if you watched the campaign trail that you dont get her separate from him.

    maybe a blue dress protest… OR? would be in order?

    Posted by MACDOODLE | May 18, 2008, 7:17 am
  5. Got modem! Thanks for this bold article. I agree not only will Barack have this unruly presence of Hillary lingering over him. But the nation we dream of with Barack as president will be a slow accomplishment possibly never accomplished with Hillary around. No she cannot be trusted.
    Hillary is also doing an awful thing to all democrats, boostig a possible McCain victory by prolonging the nomination process. She would love to see Barack loose to McCain because she’ll be able to run again in four years! Her supporters need to realize, she is using them at any cost to get into the white house, much like the Bush administration sacrificing our young men and women for their own fantasy goals.

    Posted by Rosey child | May 24, 2008, 12:32 am