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Clinton Michelle & McCain

I have no doubt Michelle Obama would be an invaluable player in her own right during a general election. 

This is a brief excerpt from a May 11th Huffington Post report. “When Hillary Clinton was asked by a super-delegate whether there were discussions going on between the two camps about what would happen after the voting concluded,” she said:  “There’s a lot of communication between both of the campaigns all the time.

I don’t know how specific it is, but we have very open lines of communication…I know that both Senator Obama and I are committed, and the campaigns are as well, to making sure that when this is resolved we will do everything we can to unify the party.” She didn’t elaborate further.

The Clinton strategy

  • Wants the nomination – by any means – no rules apply – she knows no other way.
  • She wants to keep donors onside and contributing to see out the distance to Denver.
  • She wants to create an illusory image of campaign unity with the Superdelegates.
  • She wants to keep Obama in check by suggesting she will support him if he wins.
  • She wants more time to sell the idea that she and only she can unify the Party.
  • In reality she is trying to grab 2 or 3 wins from the remaining 6 contests to take to the convention to ram through a deal on her terms. Including the nomination.
  • In the meantime she is attacking Obama while he is reluctant to focus on her-at this stage preferring to turn his attention to McCain. 

In a separate article in the Huffington Post, Bob Novak reported…

” Close-in supporters of Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign are convinced he never will offer the vice presidential nomination to Sen. Hillary Clinton for one overriding reason: Michelle Obama. The Democratic front-runner’s wife did not comment on other rival candidates for the party’s nomination, but she has been sniping at Clinton since last summer. According to Obama sources, those public utterances do not reveal the extent of her hostility.”

I was delighted to read that.. My first reaction was,”nor the extent of mine either.”Of one thing I am certain, Michelle Obama wouldn’t want Clinton acting as “the trojan horse” while her disgusting husband ran interference in Barack’s White House. Michelle knows  they would. She also realises what that would do to his Presidency. And she is right.

I would accept the judgement and ethics of Michelle Obama over the Clintons who are bereft of such qualities, any day. I am quite certain that would echo her husband’s sentiments as well. For the moment Barack for political reasons, has chosen to keep his powder dry on everything negative about the Clintons. Michelle acting as his guardian has more latitude.

The White House Tag Team 

Should Senator Obama become the Party nominee, Democrats en masse and interested independents, will get the opportunity to see and appreciate this intelligent and perceptive woman who could well become the next First Lady of the United States. 

I have no doubt Michelle Obama would be an invaluable player in her own right during a general election. In my view she has the ability to open the doors to the women’s movement and those keen to see a woman of real intelligence speaking on issues of importance to women. Together with her husband they could well turn out to be the smartest White House tag team American politics has ever produced. Time will tell – but the signs are there. 

Not the Dunce but Close to It

 With all of its current troubles the last thing America needs now is a John McCain in the White House. Geriatric by comparison to Obama, he is also intellectually and academically inferior to the brilliant and well grounded Senator from Illinois.

In fact Mc Cain is so dumb, he makes Geo W Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar. To suggest that John McCain did not excel at the Naval Academy would be a massive understatement and there is no escaping it. McCain’s career at Annapolis was a life filled with demerits and under-achievement. He graduated fifth from the bottom of his class.   out of a class of nearly 500 naval cadet officers.

 An Angry old Hothead

Clearly McCain’s temperament is inappropriate for an office of such responsibility.  It is a matter of public record that he is easily provoked and inclined to be hot headed and impulsive under pressure, and I am only referring to times when he is being interviewed by the media. Hardly the profile of a person capable of leading and guiding the world’s greatest superpower through difficult times at home and abroad. And importantly he can’t guarantee to be around for one year, much less four years. 

A Might is Right Mentality

This is the man who Republicans are asking Americans to trust with the nuclear button.  A man who together with Hillary Clinton has also threatened to bomb Iran. The man who not only voted for the war in Iraq, but feels America should stay there for an indefinite number of years to come.

McCains acceptance speech

I kept my hand written notes on John McCain’s Republican nominee acceptance speech. These are his opening remarks in their precise order and worded as delivered by McCain without notes. It was inept and nuts all at the same time.

  • America is the world leader
  • We don’t hide from history – We make history
  • That’s what I call Hope in America
  • He (referring to Obama) will never make a standard for greatness
  • I will stand up and fight for the United States and for her strength
  • We will fight every day

He then called the President of Venuzeula ” A self important bully”  and said that ” Unlike an inexperienced Obama he wouldn’t negotiate with America’s enemies.

He warned “America will exert its military power”.  He said there was no reason to fear countries he refers to as “moral monsters”. McCains final point was ” I may not be the youngest candidate – but I am the most experienced.”

What rubbish… I could picture most of the politicians leaving in the middle of a “State of the Union” address if ever this dangerous dill was President.

Then he came out from behind the lectern, left the dias and started shaking hands with a few reporters and sundry well wishers to the blaring theme of the late 1950’s Chuck Berry rock classic “Johnny B Goode”.

To me that day, the words seemed to say – ” Johnny B Gone ”  

So I turned off  the TV – with pleasure.


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