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Clinton: Healthcare = Mission Possible

The Governor of Mexico, Bill Richardson is vastly more qualified to be America’s Secretary of State

 Secretary of State Offer?

According to some media reports, the President elect Barack Obama, has offered the position of Secretary of State to the junior Senator from New York – Hillary Rodham Clinton. If that is the case, I would be more than surprised. Responsibility for healthcare reform I could understand.

Nico Pitney’s Huffington Post article on Friday, states that the source for his story was two senior “Democratic officials?” What is that supposed to mean. He doesn’t say outright that these people were from the Democratic Party, and if they were, then they really should not be speculating to the media about such matters. 

Media Report not Official

Of one thing we can be sure. That is, that this story has not come from anyone in the official Obama transition team. In a tightly run Obama operation that is the only source for information about appointments in the future Obama White House administration.

Pitney’s article states that these “Democratic officials” claimed that Clinton would need to give the Obama offer “consideration”. That doesn’t sound right. In the first instance if she were offered the position and wanted to serve her President and country in such a sensitive and important national position, why would she hesitate?

Who is Best Qualified

With HRC’s background and understanding of what is entailed, what and why would she need to consider such an offer? Personally, I cannot imagine Barack Obama  offering Hillary Clinton such a sensitive and important position. Her temperament under stress, is not suited to engaging in diplomacy at the highest and most sophisticated level. And these are critical times. The Primary contests revealed much about Hillary’s strengths and many weaknesses. Name recognition, is not a qualification for this important position.

The Governor of Mexico, Bill Richardson is vastly more qualified to be America’s Secretary of State than any other candidate. As a former Ambassador for the United States to the United Nations and a Secretary for Energy in the Clinton Administration, Richardson was highly regarded for his work in these important diplomatic and commercial areas. We should also remember that he was an early supporter of Barack Obama and proved a great asset in drawing the hispanic vote to the Obama Biden ticket. 

In 2004 Richardson was appointed Chairman of the Democratic National Convention, and in 2005 & 2006 he served as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association. Richardson was also nominated on three separate occasions for the Nobel Peace Prize for his negotiation of the release of hostages, American servicemen, and political prisoners in North Korea, Iraq, and Cuba.

Clinton’s Best Chance

Should Barack Obama convince Hillary Clinton to accept a cabinet position making her responsible for the delivery of the final Obama healthcare plan for America, that in itself would be a crowning achievement for herself and the country. Who knows where that may lead if she is successful.

Whatever President elect Obama decides, we will know soon enough

Go Obama / Biden



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  1. I agree that if anyone could get healthcare for all,
    that it would be Hilary R. Clinton. I think that we need
    her in that key role if healthcare every has a chance
    in this country. Let’s hope that she takes this under
    her wings and make this a reality for all Americans.

    Posted by Dorothy Daniel | November 18, 2008, 3:42 pm
  2. John:

    This morning’s HuffingtonPost.com features a rather telling picture of PE Barack Obama & Senator Hillary Clinton, to me it speaks volumes! Also, there’s an interesting article by Lee Stranahan: “WTF? Lieberman? Clinton? That’s EXACTLY The Obama I Voted For”.

    Posted by Chi Deva | November 19, 2008, 7:55 pm