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Clint Eastwood Delivers for the Democrats

In the end it finished up as a political gift and unintended bonus for the Democrats

The suprise guest at the 2012 Republican Convention turned out to be the acclaimed actor and director Clint Eastwood. The man who played  “Dirty Harry” (Go on,  Make my Day) as a tough detective in the 1971 movie of the same name.  As a famous movie personality who is better known and more publicly popular than Mitt Romney (the GOP nominee for President), Eastwood’s role was to personally champion Mitt Romney and enhance Mr Romney’s chances in the 2012 US Presidential race.

From the moment the famous actor arrived at the lectern he was seen to be sharing the platform with a single wooden chair. Speaking as if the chair was occupied by President Obama, Mr Eastwood proceeded in the next 12 minutes to achieve the exact opposite of what the Republican organizers had planned. His speech was anomalous and his delivery was poor. It displayed a lack of respect for the office (of President) and a number of statements on major matters were clearly false.  Across America , disbelieving and angry responses emanated from Twitter, Facebook and dominated discussions and articles in main stream media.

After spending 50 plus years of building a reputation as an actor in fictional roles and achieving success as a movie director, there seems little doubt that following his effort in the real world of politics, Mr Eastwood should stick to fiction. His echoing of disingenuous GOP claims proved to be a high risk strategy and fraught with danger. In the end it finished up as a political gift and unintended bonus for the Democrats.

Go Obama in 2012!


* Clint Eastwood’s Speech at the 2011\2 Republican Convention in Tampa Florida USA. Video 11 mins 40.


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