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California Dreaming!

 America appears to be changing its mind.  Apparently the more they learn about Barack Obama the more they seem to like him.  Obama now leads Clinton 26 states to 11.

 A false dawn

In the event Hillary Clinton’s bid for the Democratic Party nomination ultimately fails, the question on political historians minds will inevitably turn to; ” What really happened to Clinton’s campaign following her victory in California on the fifth day of February 2008?”

For Hillary at the time, it must have seemed like an ‘only in America night’. As things turned out it was a ‘Super Tuesday’ night in more ways than one after an election which delivered an increased delegate lead and a major psychological advantage, which Bill Clinton and many others assumed would set his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton, firmly on the road to the White House. For the Clintons, beaming under the California moonlight; It seemed happy days were here again.

There was absolutely no doubt in Hillary’s mind either. From the beginning she always felt the nomination was hers for the taking.  Who could stand in her way? Certainly not the naive smooth talking Barack Obama, with his silly campaign slogans and a first up lucky win in Iowa.  Her husband a former POTUS, took care of that matter by chiming in to dismiss Obama’s win as ” a fairytale”.  A generous sound bite gift from a snide William Jefferson Clinton to an adoring star struck media.

Hillary was euphoric, now she knew she was well on the way to that familiar historic house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. She was salivating at the prospect. Winning California, long regarded as the jewel in the crown of the ‘Super Tuesday’ states, simply confirmed it.  As Hillary once confided, she wouldn’t need an orientation tour to find her way around.  She was on the way to realise her destiny. She was in a hurry.

She knew how to get to the Oval Office in quick time. Winning the delegate rich state of California would help lock up the Democratic nomination much earlier. And for Bill and Hillary it would simply be a case of heading to ‘their second home’ for a third four year term. This time with roles reversed. That however wasn’t Hillary’s main concern. How to manage Bill once she got there; would be!  She wasn’t alone in that.

Fast Forward

Presently, only a few days remain until March 4th when the big delegate states of Texas and Ohio hit the polls, the same day as Vermont and Rhode Island.  Since the Clinton win in California something in the country’s electoral wind seems to have changed. With victory to Obama in eleven states straight since Super Tuesday, America appears to be changing its mind.  Apparently the more they learn about Barack Obama the more they seem to like him.  Obama now leads Clinton 26 states to 11.

Obama has a solid lead in delegates and is currently more than a million votes ahead of Senator Clinton in the popular vote.  He has excited more new voters to participate in the electoral process than ever before, and he is attracting crowds of up to 30,000 and creating attendance and venue records in the process.  Super delegates are beginning to switch their support from Clinton to Obama and a number of America’s major unions are now backing his campaign. 

Every day now it seems, a Senator, a Congressman or some prominent public figure like former Republican President Dwight D Eisenhower’s daughter, Suzie Eisenhower steps forward in support. Former President John F Kennedy’s daughter Caroline was an early supporter and remains an enthusiastic Obama campaigner.

 The Questions

With things going pear shaped, tough questions are no doubt being raised in the Clinton camp. e.g.  What has happened to the voters after California on Super Tuesday? Where is the appreciation for Hillary’s service to the nation? 

Where is the electoral response to her claims that she could solve America’s problems because of her 35 years of experience?  Have they forgotten her leadership skills, her wisdom and her sage judgement? Why is it that voters don’t seem to understand they can be part of history by supporting the election of the first female President of the United States?

What do we need to do to have Michigan and Florida delegates admitted to the Denver the National Convention to vote for Hillary, even though they have been disqualified by the Party for advancing their Primaries? How can we stop Super Delegates from deserting Hillary for Obama?

How can we best deploy Bill again , after his troubles with people and the media in South Carolina and other places.  How can we get our friends in the media to give Obama and his wife Michelle a much harder time.

Should we use surrogates to circulate a photo of Obama in traditional Somali dress, and together with his middle name of Hussein, infer as a result some Muslim interest or unknown middle eastern affiliation?  

How can we prevent people from going to the media if we haven’t paid their bills for campaign services.  Some claim their bills are months overdue and say we haven’t returned their emails or phone calls.

 The Answers

The Clinton campaign appears in increasing disarray. In recent days highly ranked staff have either resigned or been reassigned. Hillary Clinton has had to loan $5 million of her own money to her campaign. Her daughter has now joined her husband in full time  campaigning and Hillary has even become a prime target for TV comedians since her recent tirade of erratic and ill tempered remarks on TV and in the Ohio debate.  A debate which the vast majority of polls agree demonstrated Obama’s strengths and calm demeanour under pressure while exposing Clinton’s many serious flaws.

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  3. Very well stated John!

    For years, by all accounts, there has been a sense of political entitlement held by the Clintons. Bill hadn’t even left office, by the time Hillary had a foot in the door to the New York Senate.

    The money has always seemed to be flowing. No one quite knew where it was coming from. Major supporters have always been in their corner.

    At the time, the buzz was that there was no way Hillary, who wasn’t even from New York, could possibly win such a high office, directly after her stint as First Lady in the White House.

    However, with all of their solidified ties and connections by that time, it turned out not to be such a far-fetched leap after all. It was suppose to all fall in place again, to shoo her into a White House run, after the second Bush had his disastrous turn.

    Things haven’t come so easily this time around, and the tides are turning on the Clintons.

    It looks as if we are finally seeing the big turn around this country has been waiting for, in this gifted and capable young man, Barack Obama.

    The world is watching, while the U.S. awakens and unfolds a new era, with great promise. We are thirsty for someone with a broader outlook, who has the ability to communicate with all types of parties and officials, within our country and throughout the world, as well as to people from every walk of life.

    Barack Obama will make an outstanding and capable leader of the U.S.

    His Uniter style of politics is the only way peace will finally begin to surface, and everyone will benefit in the end.

    This is THE opportunity for us all to unite, and stay strong and committed to our future.

    Posted by Ritz | March 2, 2008, 2:12 pm
  4. thanks for the article. barack obama is what america needs in leadership at this moment. he is poetry, courage, brilliance, charm and elegance all wrapped into one beautiful package. “an idea whose time has come.”

    OBAMA ’08!

    Posted by caligirl | March 2, 2008, 6:48 pm
  5. Thank you for presenting us this medium to express the importance of America choosing Sen. Barack Obama as the next president. He is a lot in one person. He appeals to friends and enemies of America alike. He is honest. He is representative of American virtues of openess and tolerance. He is an embodiment of what civil rights leaders struggled all their lives for, some lost theirs for it, some were dehumanised for a day like this. No weapon formed against shall prosper. God bless Obama.
    Silent voice.

    Posted by J D Lansana | March 3, 2008, 10:40 pm