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Breaking News ** CNN Bias. It is obvious that the ugly face of discrimination and media bias, is still alive and well in America!  I sent the following comment to CNN this morning.

” Though it pains me to make this comment, I must say CNN you are a poor excuse for a member of the fourth estate! The Clinton bias you display is only thinly disguised. I do not disagree with the right of people to have an alternative view, however the media needs to be trusted to deliver the facts in their reporting. 

America and indeed the world, needs and deserves to have a decent and qualified candidate take charge in the White House. Only one person qualifies. Barack Obama.  He wil be the next President of the United States, regardless of your efforts to the contrary. CNN, take a good look at the way you behave. Change!  It’s the way of the future”.

John Hay.  Founder of the Australian Federation of Employers 1986
Former National Chairman – Australian Free Enterprise Foundation 1987.


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