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Baseload Renewable Power / Solar Thermal = 90% US Needs

Baseload renewable power at utility-scale is here and it is US based Ausra Inc who has the solution with it’s Solar thermal technology. 

Baseload Renewable Power / Solar Thermal Now! 

A Telling Thoughts comment.

This information is being forwarded to give everyone concerned about the effects of global warming and the means by which to obtain reliable, clean solar thermal energy, with up to date information about the technology, its availability and competitiveness.

NB. May I suggest you lobby your politicians to talk to Ausra and email this article link to your friends. http://www.tellingthoughts.com/us-politics/baseload-renewable-power-solar-thermal-90-us-needs

It is worth reading the earlier information below before visiting the official Ausra Websitewww.Ausra.com – for the very latest in the USA. Ausra’s Manufacturing plant in Nevada was officially opened by Democrat Senator Harry Reid. And it’s happening right now.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in Ausra ( wish I had) / but like everyone else, I have a vital interest in eliminating carbon output into the atmosphere in dealing with the effects of global warming.



Article from March 1, 2008 
The Australian — Australia’s National Newspaper 

Baseload renewable power at utility-scale is here and it is US based Ausra Inc who has the solution with it’s Solar thermal technology.

“The technology was originally developed in Australia by Dr. David Mills. Unfortunately for the Australian economy Dr Mills had to take his technology to the United States to get the funding he required to continue this technology through to production stage.

We believe that Ausra Inc’s Solar thermal technology is the single most promising of all technologies we have shown at PaleBluDot, in it’s ability to reduce greenhouse emissions on a global scale and to do so at a comparable cost to coal and nuclear power generation”.

So how does the Ausra Solar Thermal System work?

Ausra uses a technology called, Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR). This idea was originally conceived in the early 1990s by Ausra’s founders in Australia. The system works by reflecting sunlight off mirrors and onto a collecting tube, this tube is filled with water and as such will produce high temperature, pressurised steam. The steam then drives a turbine generator which produces electricity. (see image below)

Ausra Solar Thermal
Image courtesy of Ausra Inc

Australia’s National Current Affairs Program – The 7.30 Report – 7 min 30

Please Note: This interview was recorded in Oct 2007. The Howard Government lost the November 2007 Election. The new Rudd Government favours Solar Power. JH.

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  1. We shouldn’t be guessing which technology is best. Ausra has not yet built a system that satisfactorily demonstrates it can make electricity any cheaper than existing systems. The Liddell demo was a fiasco and was never connected to the power plant. Linear Fresnel system are optically inferior to power towers and parabolic troughs, but are in theory cheaper to build. The real Achilles heel to Ausra’s system is the direct water heating which has insurmountable thermodynamic limitations and very high parasitic loads.

    Posted by William Wyze | July 8, 2008, 12:03 am
  2. Hi

    By all means use stories from our website, but please give us some credit for the information, especially if you are going to repeat so much of the content. By the way, I like your website, lots of good info.


    Editor: Email sent to Craig re comment:

    Dear Craig
    Thank you for your comment. Can you be more specific about who should be credited. I used Ausra information as provided from their site and this is acknowledged. What else do I need to say — after all this is free quality publicity. Tell me and I will be happy to add credits if they are due. I am not technical but I want people to be aware of the better alternatives available. By the way I am an Australian living in Australia.

    Posted by Craig Williams | October 27, 2008, 6:14 am
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