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Barack Obama’s “3AM” Red Phone Test

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During the 2008 Presidential campaign primaries, Barack Obama’s opponent, now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, cheered on by GOP primary candidates and her supporters on the sidelines, began a TV Ad blitz. It was titled “A 3am call to the White House”.

The Ad made claim as to who was the more qualified to be President in an international emergency. And so began a national debate. The media had a field day at the expense of the “relatively” unknown and “inexperienced” candidate Barack  Obama.

A 31 second video was the Obama campaign response to the Clinton “3 am” ad in 2008. His real life response in 2011 as President, in dealing with the latest international emergency, requires no advertisement.

Any lingering doubts created by the “3am” Ad, fanned by GOP 2012 hopefuls, but no longer Hillary Clinton, were dramatically and historically answered by the Commander in Chief’s example of a “3 am” decision this week. Conscious of the fact that American lives were at risk, the President well understood that America’s reputation would also be at stake.

As a result of his decision, the free world now appears to agree that the US military strike within Pakistan’s borders, sanctioned by Mr Obama was necessary and could prove a defining moment in the battle against the proliferation of international terrorism. In the final analysis, regardless of intelligence reports, it demanded a white knuckle decision which only one person could make. Only Barack Obama, as President of the United States could make the call. It was his biggest test to date.

As history will likely  record – his “3am” call was both a politically brave and appropriate decision. A decision which culminated in a now famous US Navy SEALS covert action, whose mission was to capture, or kill, the most wanted terrorist in the world. The mass murderer whose name stood at the top of the FBI’s list – the infamous Osama Bin Laden.

The mission was carried out with US helicopters transporting (including two back up teams ) two groups of  rope descending SEALS to inside the high external walls of a suburban mansion hideaway, in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in the early hours of  Sunday 1st May 2011. (An action which concluded without the loss of one American life).

Undoubtedly this was the best thought out, planned and gutsiest military decision by an American President since that of  President John F Kennedy’s decision to establish a United States naval blockade of Russian ships attempting to transport long range missiles into Cuba, in October 1962. The now famous “13 days in October”.

Thank You, Mr Obama

Well done USA


The President’s “3 am” Test .. 31 secs


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