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Awaken The Sleeping Giant

The current catchcry from the Democrats and the disillusioned is “We need to take back our country”

The Natives are Restless 

America as a nation has reached the political edge. To avoid a Republican repeat in November the political views of many American people will have to undergo radical change. The current catchcry from the Democrats and the disillusioned is “We need to take back our country”.

Very noble, I’m sure. Sounds like something straight from the movie “Braveheart,”  invoking images of raging Scots charging across the battlefield towards the English army and oblivion at Culloden in 1746, in a desperate final and failed fling, to rid themselves of an English King. Americans historically can identify with that goal. Unlike the Scots, the Americans defeated their English King, and now the battle they face in November is another test which must be won. 

November could turn into a political repeat of America 2000 and 2004, unless general political apathy is converted into political activity and engagement with new voters. Fortunately the signs are positive with voter registration drives, but it is still early days. It begs the question. Where did the America go wrong? And how to begin to put it right at home?

Part of the Answer

Let’s be frank. Every American citizen eligible to vote is responsible for the current state of political affairs in their country. It’s pointless to simply blame a dangerous “good ole boy” simpleton like George W Bush. Bush stood for elective office and people voted for him. What does that say about the level of political apathy, awareness and general disinterest in the United States? Evil men prosper while good men stand idly by! This old saying still applies.

On a lighter note, why didn’t George H W Bush simply call his son “Fred” for everyone’s sake? It would eliminate the often annoying need to qualify which “George Bush”?  Still, I suppose that’s a mere bagatelle, compared to the possibility of having a crazy warmonger like John McCain as President. That would be much worse. If that is possible?

McCain could have been a character straight out of central casting for the role in “Dr Strangelove”, the marvelous and ridiculous movie send up of the cold war. I can imagine the Senator from Arizona in that madcap scene waving his cowboy stetson as he rode astride the atomic bomb out of the bomb bay doors and headed for oblivion over Russia. I hope no one in Iran sees the movie after McCain’s “lighthearted” comment, “Bomb,Bomb,Iran” to a tune from “The Beach Boys”.

John McCain making this most undiplomatic ” joke” during the Primary – 47 secs video.

Seriously though, just imagine if this hothead was elected as President with his record and temperament. Never put old men in charge of nuclear weapons. What have they got to lose? The American people have been voting for these types people for some time and now they are paying the price. But all is not lost.

The Electoral System

Once Americans agree to simplify the electoral process and begin to exercise their right to vote, they will be better equipped to challenge and defeat the vested interests and lobby groups who sponsor political puppets into powerful positions in politics. While it is fair to assume that most politicians begin their political careers with good intent some no longer truly represent the people. This justifies limiting the time and number of terms people can stay in office. Senators still standing for re-election in their eighties and nineties is simply ridiculous. That’s putting it mildly.

November 4

The election of Senator Barack Obama to the Presidency in November can commence the tough assignment of righting of America’s ship of State. No one in their right mind should consider McCain. Barack Obama has demonstrated his intelligence, integrity and sound judgement. Importantly and refreshingly, he is not reckless like McCain or Bush.  His persona and track record enables him to attract people of integrity and talent. Something vital to his future recruitment needs if elected.

In an Obama White House the emphasis would be on service to the nation and the delivery of critical policy platforms upon which the country could build and restore its momentum.  Americans would receive a real confidence boost. A clear signal that the Bush/McCain era of corrupt and inept “Politics” is dead and gone. It is time.


It is possible that a successful Obama Presidency would by performance, provide a template for political and personal behaviour standards long into America’s future. I believe he is conscious of this responsibility but not at all weighed down by it. He doesn’t have to act the part. What you see is pretty much what you can expect.

With quality leadership to reference, voters would want to raise the bar when considering the types of people they wish to represent them in the future.  America’s troubles have evolved mainly as a result of poor political performance. It is time for each person to accept the fact and get involved. The first step on the road to recovery means selecting political representatives who will work tirelessly in the American people’s interests. 

Faith and Trust 

In Senator Obama a potentially fine new Leader is in the offing – will America grasp this opportunity or will it be cheated and deceived again? I think not. However faith in Barack Obama’s judgement is paramount, even when difficult issues and political positions appear blurred. And we must not forget, he must first be elected to be able to change anything. 

With Obama we know we are dealing with an honourable man. In that understanding we also need to appreciate that his tactics and timing may sometimes have to accomodate complex political imperatives. Patience and trust brings its own reward. The alternative is unthinkable and unacceptable.

America’s Future

Senator Obama will give his all to change America for the better. To do this he will need the support and encouragement of every loyal American. The Presidential election of 2008 will shape America’s 21st century future. After suffering eight years of Presidential corruption and failure, Americans will at last get their chance to shout out, and show the world — “We are taking our country back”.

Yes you can!



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  1. The intensity is mounting as the right wing grasps at any shred of data that can besmirch Obama, they know Obama is a remarkable candidate, so they fight fiercely to undo him. We supporters must stay energized and volunteer in every way possible so this election is not stolen from us. A key community of voters is the mosaic of Latinos who are a powerhouse especially in the swing states. I urge folks to become statewide voter registrars,to call, to look for every chance to Volunteer. The election is so close now!

    Posted by Marcia Riquelme | July 11, 2008, 12:05 am
  2. This is exactly what I and I’m sure many others are anticipating is, that Obama as President would have long lasting effects into the future of the United States political environment and policies for the people, rather than in spite of us.

    Transparency in government has been something that has fallen by the wayside, if we ever had it truly.

    It is now a time, after the blatant defiency and dictatorish regime of the Bush administration, for the people of this country to truly have a part and a say in what we do after all, still call a “democracy.”

    Your quote “Evil men prosper while good men stand idly by”, is so very true of yesterday and more so of today.

    We, as citizens should be evolved enough by now to realize that we can not allow a few people to make all of our decisions for us, without being duly informed and involved in the process.

    We must take our country back, it’s true. But we can only achieve that by each and every individual being strong in our resolve, through word and deed.

    Posted by Cami | July 11, 2008, 5:36 am
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