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Australia’s first female Prime Minister tomorrow?

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At 10.20 pm EST, Wednesday 23rd June 2010 the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that his leadership would be challenged by his deputy Julia Gillard at a specially convened meeting of Federal Labor Party representatives at 9am Thursday, at Parliament House in Canberra ACT.

Mr Rudd acknowledged that over recent weeks he had become aware that factions of the Party no longer supported him as leader and as late as today Australia’s biggest unions also indicated they no longer supported the Prime Minister.

All indications are that South Australian Julia Gillard has the numbers to become Australia’s first female Prime Minister but the stubborn Mr Rudd stipulated he will contest the challenge and was anxious to get on with the delivery of his programs.

Tomorrow will be an important day in Australian political history, the outcome of which will decide who will lead the Labor Party in the forthcoming federal election.

As they say in the media – Watch this space!



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